Today, Don starts by telling us he can’t get that Tebow song out of his head (the John Parr song), and that he wants to hate Tebow, but can’t; he absolutely loves him! He then reads an email he received from Corey regarding marrying Roy at the Caliendo show: not going to happen. Don then calls Roy to talk about it, but gets his voice mail.

We then hear a series of clips from a prank caller on C-SPAN, and George Stephanopoulos on The Colbert Report talking about the GOP candidates replacing the word “abortion” with “contraception.” We also hear about sex toys that you can hook into your computer.

After the guys discuss whether or not Tim Tebow masturbates, it’s time once again to play “Impossible Trivia.” After two rounds of the game, Don sends Craig outside wearing a sandwich board, in light of the story of the mom who punished her teen in the same way. The guys decide to put “Fart in my face for cash” on the board. Craig goes out to the corner of Madison and Hemlock to solicit farters, and even gets cold cocked in the ear by a listener who was only supposed to slap his face.

We then get a visit from Chris Myers from FOX NFL Sunday. Chris talks about working the sidelines during the playoffs, this weekend’s playoff games, Tebow, and the upcoming NASCAR season. Don then tells us why he hates the Facebook app on his phone, and fake twitter pages, before playing a clip of Howie Mandell’s take on Howard Stern being on America’s Got Talent, and a clip of Michelle Obama responding to accusations that she’s an “angry black woman.”

Its then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom does a full recap of the People’s Choice Awards, and talks about Crocs raking in $1 billion last year, and the most beloved brand names in the U.S. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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