ISLETON (CBS13) — Citizens in the small Delta town of Isleton are edgy after learning their police department has closed up shop because the city is unable to pay its required worker’s compensation insurance.

“At this point in time, we were not able to cover the back indebtedness,” City Manager Dave Larsen.

Larsen explains they had fallen behind in recent months paying insurance company State Fund, and the company became fed up, cancelling the policy altogether.

Larsen said the city was about $20,000 behind in payments. He’s now searching feverishly for another company, but in the meantime the department’s two officers and half dozen volunteers have given all responsibility to the sheriff’s department for Isleton’s 800 or so residents.

“We are not bringing in any additional staff,” Sheriff Scott Jones said. “I do not want to create any additional burden on the sheriff’s department.”

The sheriff’s department will only respond to emergency calls, Jones said.

“We’re not going to be responding to the routine types of calls that they’ve been accustomed to and certainly deserve to have a response to,” he said.

The situation is leaving Isleton residents uneasy – not only about their safety but their future.

“We’re broke you know,” one woman said. “Either the county has got to take over or give it up and let it go.”

But the county may not be here for long. Larsen is confident Isleton police will be back next week.

“We’ll get there,” he said. “We’re looking at it as a very short temporary problem.”
The city manager is relatively sure he’ll get a new insurance policy by next week, but if that doesn’t happen they say there is no contingency plan.

Sheriff Jones is vowing that he will not allow Isleton to go without emergency services.

The police issue is just one of several facing the city. Larsen says Isleton is about $600,000 in debt.

Isleton made news last year when it approved plans to convert an abandoned housing development into a medical marijuana farm to be operated by a group called Delta Allied Grower.

The agreement promised a reported $25,000 monthly payments to the city and new security equipment for the police department, but the project was dropped after pressure from the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office and U.S. Attorney’s Office. It also prompted Sacramento County grand jury investigation, which issued a report critical of city leaders in July.

Comments (7)
  1. Guy says:

    Fire them all. City leaders need to go too.This is gross negligence and incompetence at an alarming level. The people deserve better and should demand such!

  2. redneckwriter says:

    Where in this report does it say that the police walked off the job?

  3. swim says:

    How shameful! Abandoning their duty over a little workman’s comp. And they wounder why gun purchases are way up. Police are rarely interested in protecting anymore just nice safe ticketing.

  4. URFULOFIT says:

    They wont’ let the town bring in $25k a month, and then the town can’t finance the police force. Way to prioritize!! The DA won’t wrap her lips around a joint. That’s one thing. But she obviously has them puckered when it comes to kissing federal hiney. So the crimnals now have no pot to mellow them out by countering the impulses common from cocaine and meth. Nothing to keep them from turning violent, and no cops to chase them when they do. “Gentlemen….start your engines!”

  5. Dude says:

    Let’s see … the City Manager got paid … other top City officials working jobs that did no involve life or death decisions were paid … but when it comes to it’s Police department …

    The City has three marked police cars. Two were broken down because the City wouldn’t pay to maintain them … the officers drove their own unmarked cars to do their job. And thanks to the Car Czar and UPN31 … the broken down police ars were repaired and are now back in service.

    Now we find out that the worker comp insurance for these officers wasn’t being paid … for police officers … a job that has a high risk of injury … and the City wasn’t paying it?!?

    The Attorney Generals Office should be investigating this City for it’s irresponsible behavior. Close City Hall … turn off power to City buildings … shut off street lights … but no, they’d rather keep not paying to fund the police department.

    Has anyone checked the fire department lately to see if their truck has gas in the tank or if there is water pressure in the city hydrants???

  6. sassafras says:

    Sounds like corruption at city hall when no one was paying workmans comp that is illegal. The whole bunch should be fired or recalled or whatever is necessary. Who is the treasurer for the city? He/she should have made changes before things got out of wack.


    Isleton needs a Super WalMart to save them.

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