SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Officers responding to reports of shots fired Friday night instead found a parolee engaged in sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl inside a vacant Sacramento home, according to police logs.

Sacramento police officers responded to a residence in the 2600 block of Altos Avenue shortly after 8 p.m. and found a man in his 30s with the girl. They reportedly told officers the sexual conduct was consensual.

The parolee was booked into the Sacramento County jail.

Comments (4)
  1. Rich Davis says:

    So the guy in Solano County who was in Dixon watching a porno and masturbating was arrested and we know his name and age. But this guy is known to be a parolee who is committing, I suppose, a far more serious crime and we don’t know his name, his age, or what his previous crimes were? Is it really that Solano County is so much better at getting information out than is Sacramento City? I think these three facts, not the age nearly as much, are vital to understanding this story better. C’mon local media…push for facts.

  2. Fred says:

    Was this guy a coach or a priest? That seems to be the profile for perverts these days.

  3. rmcsticks says:

    keep letting them out early , and we can kiss the state goodby

  4. URFULOFIT says:

    Yes, Rich…I’m puzzled as well. They talk about arresting a parolee, but they won’t say what he is on parole FOR. Despite the fact that it’s PUBLIC RECORD!. They used to, back in the days when the news was more interesting. They’re afraid of getting sued I guess.

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