SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Football fans in San Francisco were exuberant but mostly well-behaved after Saturday’s electrifying 36-32 playoff win over the New Orleans Saints.

Nineteen people were arrested on misdemeanor charges during and after Saturday’s game at Candlestick Park, while one person was arrested on suspicion of selling counterfeit tickets, said San Francisco police Sgt. Michael Andraychak.

“The number of arrests were slightly higher for an average game,” Andraychak said.

Most of the misdemeanor arrests were alcohol-related, while medical crews stationed at the stadium treated 38 people, mostly for drinking issues.

Police beefed up their presence for the sellout crowd of 69,732 by increasing the number of officers they usually have on duty for a football game by 25 percent, said Andraychak.

Plainclothes officers kept an eye out for people trying to sell counterfeit items, while officers on motorcycles patrolled the stadium’s parking lot.

The parking lot was filled tailgaters before the game, but after the game, fans were not allowed to tailgate.

“If folks want to have a beer that aren’t driving, that’s fine, but there’s no tailgating after the game,” Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters.

Later in the evening, the city’s Mission district was busy with drivers honking their horns and fans celebrating on the sidewalks, but Andraychak said he was not aware of arrests or any other problems.

San Francisco Mayor San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee also enjoyed the victory, but had added reason to celebrate.

As part of a friendly wager with New Orleans Mayor Mitchell Landrieu over the outcome of the game, Lee will be getting fresh Louisiana seafood, a Sucre king cake and Abita beer, compliments of Landrieu.

Lee issued a statement congratulating the 49ers and wishing them luck as they proceed on to the NFC championship game for the first time since the 1997 season.

“San Francisco stands with you as you embark on your quest to Superbowl XLVI. Go Niners,” the statement said.

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Comments (3)
  1. Richard says:

    Not sure where you got your facts but I can definitely provide a first hand accounting of the 49er fan behavior, and it was far less than ‘good behavior’. We are fans of the New Orleans Saints and my fanily and I flew into San Francisco this weekend to go to the game and encountered hostile behavior before, during and following the game. Were were boo’ed, called MF’ers, pushed around in the restrooms, confronted and told to ‘be afraid, be very afraid’. Let me be clear that It was in NO way an isolated incident. While leaving the stadium we were told thanks for coming, now get the F out of here, which provided a good laugh for all the 49er fans within earshot. Keep in mind that I had my 10 year old son was with me the whole time. The actions of your fan base have left a mark upon myself and my family that can never be reversed. I will never intentionally visit your city again, and highly discourage anyone else from considering a visit as well.

    1. MDS says:

      The NFL needs to take Security over at Candlestick because the environment is a powder keg ready to go off any minute and we are going to see a real tragedy take place not just outside the stadium but inside the stadium. The 49ers organization better make this priority #1 before the Giants fans come to town because what you have created right now is worse than San Quentin State Prison. We won’t be back until the NFL addresses this issue head on at Candlestick.

    2. Gigi says:

      Richard – I was there too and I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. This guy’s figures are all wrong because while they only had 20 arrests – they had over 400 “incidents” most of which were evictions. I was there with my grown daughter and for the first time in her 25 years – I actually felt like I put her in danger and harm’s way. I won’t be back to another game in Candlestick and I absolutely will never visit this city again.

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