SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy shot a suspect twice during a scuffle Sunday morning in the Arden-Arcade area after the man attacked the deputy and refused to stop, the department said.

Deputies on patrol stopped two suspicious subjects shortly after 11 a.m. in the 2700 block of Fulton Avenue after they were spotted walking away from a closed county building. One, and adult man, attempted to punch a deputy in the face, according to sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos.

The man, whose name wasn’t immediately released, fled and a deputy chased after him, but when he caught up to him, the man began assaulting the deputy before they both fell down an embankment, dropping about 20 feet and landing in a creek below.

The man landed on top of the deputy and continued his assault despite numerous orders to stop, Ramos said. The deputy then drew his service weapon and fired at the suspect, hitting him in the stomach and one of his legs.

Despite being shot, the man continued to struggle with responding deputies until finally being taken into custody, Ramos said. He was transported to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. After his release from the hospital, the suspect will be booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail for charges that include assault on a peace officer.

“It could have been much worse,” Ramos said. “He (the deputy) could have sustained much worse injuries. One, because of the fall, let alone the suspect, who’s very large in stature, landing on top of him and then punching him numerous times in the face and head.”

Crime scene investigators processing the scene recovered a firearm from the area of the creek where this incident took place, and investigators will attempt to determine if it belonged to the suspect.

The deputy, whose name wasn’t released, was also hospitalized for injuries to his face and later released. A 14-year veteran of the department, he will be put on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the department’s investigation.

A juvenile who was with the man was cooperative with deputies and won’t face charges, Ramos said.

Comments (7)
  1. Skinner says:

    Do what the nice Deputy says and ya wont get shot, ya dumby.

    1. MLK would be proud.. says:

      Man..That suspect must have been on something….

  2. george says:

    stupid punk. and he lives to strike another officer or kill in the future, luck us

  3. the viper says:

    hmmmmmm something dont sound right about this story office and suspect fall 20feet down a embankment ,suspect lands on top of officer and starts punching and hitting him in the face . with all that happening officer still tells the man to stop repeatedly .then draws weapon and shoots suspect in stomace and leg . ok here is where i find it a little weird. officer was carring a 40 cal handgun probably .if he is able to draw his weapon and shot him in the stomache the bullet woulda probably went clean through him . now with the large man still punching him in the face and a belly wound he still fights the officer and gets shot 1 more time in the leg. . well i know this if i am being punched in the face i would not be sayin stop i would be fighting back . so this story has a little bit of a bad smell to it.

  4. gna says:

    The cop should be reprimanded for not delivering a fatal shot…

  5. MLK would be proud says:

    We’re all guessing the Suspect is black?

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