Group Urges Leniency For Marines Seen Urinating On Enemy Combatants

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s the picture that’s sparking controversy around the world. Several Marines were caught on tape urinating on the bodies of dead enemy combatants.

But a local group is on the defensive saying the media and the pentagon are overreacting.

The group is called Move America Forward. They tell CBS13 that critics need to look at these images in context of the situation.

“We’re not defending what they did saying that that’s how our marines should be acting,” said Danny Gonzalez of Move America Forward. “What we are saying is that you have to take what happened with a grain of salt.”

That’s how Move America Forward explains these infamous images now spread across the world.

“These Taliban combatants were in an active firefight with these marines trying to kill them,” said Gonzalez.

Move America Forward says it provides the context the rest of the world needs to understand. But many people we spoke with couldn’t disagree more.

“They’re already dead and they already killed them so I don’t understand why they need to go and do that,” said local resident Evan Manning.

“You’re degrading a human being, and I don’t see you know why you think it would be ok to do that,” said Ama Jhujj, a local resident.

The Sacramento-based non-profit wants to make it clear it does not defend the Marines’ actions.

“While we believe that there should be some sort of action taken, that it doesn’t need to be as extreme as what we’ve seen some people suggesting,” said Gonzalez.

The action includes being brought up on war crimes or being dishonorably discharged.

However, others say the punishment must be stiffer.

“I think they should be discharged and reprimanded,” said local resident Shontell Vance. “It’s not fair.”

At this point, it’s still unclear what type of punishment the marines could face. But the government has already launched a full investigation.


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