WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – It’s the picture that’s sparking controversy around the world. Several Marines were caught on tape urinating on the bodies of dead enemy combatants.

But a local group is on the defensive saying the media and the pentagon are overreacting.

The group is called Move America Forward. They tell CBS13 that critics need to look at these images in context of the situation.

“We’re not defending what they did saying that that’s how our marines should be acting,” said Danny Gonzalez of Move America Forward. “What we are saying is that you have to take what happened with a grain of salt.”

That’s how Move America Forward explains these infamous images now spread across the world.

“These Taliban combatants were in an active firefight with these marines trying to kill them,” said Gonzalez.

Move America Forward says it provides the context the rest of the world needs to understand. But many people we spoke with couldn’t disagree more.

“They’re already dead and they already killed them so I don’t understand why they need to go and do that,” said local resident Evan Manning.

“You’re degrading a human being, and I don’t see you know why you think it would be ok to do that,” said Ama Jhujj, a local resident.

The Sacramento-based non-profit wants to make it clear it does not defend the Marines’ actions.

“While we believe that there should be some sort of action taken, that it doesn’t need to be as extreme as what we’ve seen some people suggesting,” said Gonzalez.

The action includes being brought up on war crimes or being dishonorably discharged.

However, others say the punishment must be stiffer.

“I think they should be discharged and reprimanded,” said local resident Shontell Vance. “It’s not fair.”

At this point, it’s still unclear what type of punishment the marines could face. But the government has already launched a full investigation.

Comments (5)
  1. mike says:

    SO WHAT, they have no doubt seen marines with their heads blown off bye these low lifes. They should be bringing all troops home and station them in Sacramento and Stockton. So now it will cost millions for the government to investigate marines peeing on the enemy well ladeda.

  2. sassafras says:

    Americans over there being killed by the unhuman enemy, where is the media regarding this. The person who wants to have the marines reprimended and discharged is anti-american and should go over there and pour perfume on those pathetic killers of americans also if they are brought up on war crimes then the USA government shoul d be brought up on war crimes for sending them over there to KILL and be killed, this is the most disgusting, rediculous, nonsence, sounds like something teen agers would come up with, not responsible adults. This should be dropped, it is attemping to make fools of the USA government.

  3. nothingchanges says:

    Come on, Do it the right way. When Putin encountered the radical Chenijan’s “Al-Qaeda” The Russians would take them out and bury them in pig skin so they couldn’t get to their holy after life. 😉

  4. Ginger Reese says:

    They acted just the the low ones the peed on. What happened to respect for the dead no matter who. Give them all a dishonorable discharge, They were trained better than that.

  5. Dan says:

    Each and every U.S. soldier is an “ambassador” of the values of the U.S. as a whole in the eyes of the world. If we support the abhorrent behaviour of our “ambassadors”, then we present the baser facets of our society. Yes, a soldiers task is often to kill, but they are tasked with respecting a protecting a surrendering soldier (whether they like it or not), and not desecrating the dead.

    For those of you who condone the behaviour of these Soldiers please consider the following points

    1. The dead are dead, they are no longer combatants. They should be treated with respect we would wish upon our fallen soldiers and civilians.

    2. Yes, many of our soldiers are “just kids”, but they are trained to respect and defend non-combatants and prisoners of war.

    3. If we do not treat our enemies in the way we would like our own captured/dead soldiers to be treated, then we only ask for our dead and captured soldiers to be mistreated. And then the mistreatment escalates on both sides.

    There is a reason for the Geneva Convention. Do we want our sons and daughters who, after being overwhelmed by the enemy, have surrendered, to be raped? murdered? tortured? mutilated? starved? humiliated? No? then we should not engage in such behavior ourselves.

    What we do unto those who are our enemy captives/prisoners or their corpses we invite others to do to our own soldiers and indeed our civilians where so ever they may be. AND we have NO recourse but to accept such treatment without complaint.

    Once again if you support and condone what these soldiers have done then remember you have given up your right to complain the next time an enemy soldier takes equal action against our soldiers

    Some are no better than animals and, being such, devolve the rest of us to the level of animals – unless of course we are the stronger, wiser and more advanced. But then, I guess, some of us are not.

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