MODESTO (CBS13) — Racy photos depicting two Modesto police officers with scantily clad women were anonymously sent to the department, the city manager and some media outlets on Tuesday.

The first set of photographs show a uniformed Modesto police officer along with two women sitting on top of a patrol car. The women are wearing revealing clothing as they pose on top of and next to a patrol car. There are seven photographs in this set.

A second set of photographs depict a different uniformed officer in what appears to be a downtown night club or restaurant standing next to a woman in a bikini top. The other photograph is of this same officer standing outside of a downtown nightclub with a woman who is signing a poster next to a patrol car.

The police department said in a press release issued Wednesday that it believes the photos are more than two years old and taken in the Downtown Entertainment District.

The department says it will conduct an internal investigation but it says the officer in the first set of photographs, which it deemed to be much more egregious than the second two, is no longer a Modesto police officer, having left the department in February 2010.

If he were still with the department, that officer would “be facing severe discipline,” according to the press release. “There is absolutely no justification or rationale that could excuse his conduct in this set of photographs.”

The second set of photographs involves an eight-year veteran Modesto officer, Yair Oaxaca. The department said in its release that although these two photos are much less suggestion, it will still investigate to determine if any policies or procedures which may have been violated.

The department added that police officers are routinely asked to be photographed with members of the community and are entrusted to use good discretion and judgment.

“The Modesto Police Department remains committed to providing professional services to our citizens. Although this incident is a blemish to the department, this behavior does not represent the hard work and commitment from the men and women of this organization” said Chief Michael Harden in a prepared statement. “We understand the importance of maintaining a professional organization and we are committed to maintaining the trust of those we serve.”

Comments (13)
  1. Bill says:

    Just tell them not go it again. At least it is not the same sex. .

  2. Whitey says:

    Atta boy, Bill, way to raise the IQ level here.

  3. razor says:

    i would have used the uniform if I was that unattractive, as well.

  4. MJ says:

    Are there ppl out there that are upset over this?? Give me a break!

  5. Modesto Res. says:

    If our Cities Cops have enough time to hang out at Copper Rhino in Modesto instead of protecting our City,Then YES it’s a Issue that needs to be looked at.With this economy being what it is,There are far more important places our Officers should be and if there goal is to look cool instead of doing there job then maybe they should change jobs and let new cadets have a them.

    Let me ask you this,How many things happen on this night that needed our Officers attention and what would you say if you needed them on this night and they didn’t show up in the time you needed them?

  6. Caveman says:

    Ahh, give the guys a break! They have a high stress job. If a couple or flirty hooks want to take some pictures, who cares?

  7. Citizen of Modesto says:

    Perhaps we should have the mayoral candidates chime in with their comments before votes are cast in the run-off election. I agree that the police officers have a stressful job, however while “on duty” we should all expect professionalism of our officers and availability when there are emergencies.

  8. Caveman says:

    “Perhaps” you should ST(f) U?

  9. URFULOFIT says:

    Anyone else having trouble posting a comment about every OTHER time? Nothing displays, and if you try a second time, it rejects it as a “duplicate”. And they won’t answer “why”?

  10. bubba says:

    Shoot em,Hang em how dare they take 3-4 min. out of a shift to do this,god people take a chill pill who frikin cares probly brightened up there night a little and im sure if a call came over the radio they would have answered it.Half of you that get on here and complain are the same ones that run them down if there doing there duty and shoot someone that deserves it so like the way caveman puts it ST[f]U

    1. rmcsticks says:

      on the money Bubba , you want them to be hero’s and yet they are just like you and me execpt they go out everyday and do something about it. so STFU… At least these guys were’nt shooting at your kid on the freeway like the probation officer did ….. Be thankful and let them be human….

  11. Modesto Girl says:

    This guy is a huge creep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The police department has no idea these pics are nothing…..smh. Xoxaca gives Modesto pd a bad name!!!!

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