Teen Girls Beat And Rob 8-Year-Old Special Needs Boy

STOCKTON (CBS13) – Two girls robbed an 8-year-old special needs boy, and their senseless crime and getaway was caught on tape.

Anthony was playing outside when two girls walked up and saw he had toys and a cell phone.

“One of them hopped the fence to let the other girl in this is a locked gated community,” said Anthony’s mother, Teresa.

Inside the gates the teen girls set their sights on easy prey, a little boy playing on the grass outside his Stockton home.

“How can you beat up on an 8-year-old boy who’s minding his own business,” asked Teresa.

Teresa Brondersen says the girls demanded her son’s cell phone.

“When he wouldn’t give it up they started kicking him, punching him and he was on the ground as they were doing this,” she said.

The girls got the phone and ran off and Anthony ran home to his mom.

“He came running in screaming ‘help me, help me. I just got attacked,’” said Teresa.

Teresa did find a lead, surveillance video of the girls before and after the beating.

“When I saw it on the video, I was just traumatized because they sat there and knew what they were doing,” said Teresa.

Anthony is still traumatized. He used to play outside every day, but not anymore.

“It has been hard for him; he’s had a hard beginning,” said Teresa.

Anthony was just adopted in November. Teresa says he’s been diagnosed with mental illnesses.

“It’s really hard on him for every day tasks at school and home, for this to happen. He just sunk back, he’s very quiet now,” said Teresa.

Teresa hopes someone recognizes the girls who robbed him.

“What were they thinking? This is just a little boy. Just a little boy,” said Teresa.


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