Today, Don begins with a youtube video of a female Packer fan riding home from last weekend’s game and crying hysterically over the Packers’ loss. Don also pulls out a giant jar that he will put Dave’s cigarettes in every time he acts up. Dave’s one liner about the crying girl being Don gets one cigarette taken away immediately. Don then explains to us why you can never argue with your wife/girlfriend while she’s naked.

We then get a visit from actress and MMA fighter Gina Carano, who is in the movie “Haywire,” which comes out this Friday. Gina talks about filming the movie, working with Michael Douglas, and possibly leaving fighting if her acting career takes off. After the interview, Dave tells us that there is supposedly a sex tape of her that is floating around, but he can’t seem to find it. The guys then talk about the Italian cruise ship wreck, and Don plays the tape of Captain Francesco Schettino talking with the Italian Coast Guard after abandoning the ship.

The NFC Championship game is this Sunday, between the 49ers and the Giants, and Don asks what you would do for tickets to the game. Little Joe, a die-hard Niner fan, says he would get a tattoo on his buttocks for tickets. The guys then talk about what kind of tattoo he should get. Then we get a visit from ex-49er and Hall Of Famer Ronnie Lott, who tells us which NFL player reminds him most of him, how he would have had to adjust his playing with the new helmet to helmet rules, and how awesome it is to be a member of the 49er Fraternity.

After the break, it is discovered that Joe will be working on Sunday, and can’t go to the game, so Craig steps up and says he’ll get a tattoo on his buttocks for the tickets. The guys then discuss what to put on Craig’s cheeks. Don then plays us a youtube video entitled “My Video For Briona.” In this video, a creepy teenage boy professes his love for “Briona,” his girlfriend, in a very stalkerish, homicidal maniac kind of way. Don then brings in Steve Goss to read the transcript of the video in his sports update voice.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, among the stories: Lindsay Lohan received a good progress report from her judge yesterday, LLCoolJ will host this year’s Grammy’s, and the season premiere of American Idol is tonight. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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