AUBURN (CBS13) — Theirs isn’t the usual football fan story, and sharing it unexpectedly landed them tickets and pregame field passes to see their favorite team in one of the more memorable games in the franchise’s history.

Usually it’s the guys who gather together on Sundays to watch football, but an Auburn woman and her daughter are married to men who don’t have much interest in the NFL, so the two of them watch 49ers games together.

A recent email to San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York led to tickets to one of the best playoff games in NFL history.

“It was just amazing,” Nancie Goodnough said. “We were at a historical game, and that’s what it was.”

But how these two got to the game was almost as improbable as the final catch by Vernon Davis with seconds left against the New Orleans Saints.

“Is this really happening?” Nancie wondered.

Nancie wrote an email to York thanking him for being a great owner and explained that her husband and her daughter’s husband don’t like football, but that she and Ashley are diehard 49ers fans.

“I always had to come to my mom’s house to watch the game,” Ashley said.

Nancie never expected to get this response York: “I hope to see you at the game Saturday. If you can be there, we will leave you field passes.”

Nancie and Ashley were given free tickets and field passes. They walked on to the Candlestick Park turf during the pregame and snapped some photos, then they saw the man that made it all happen.

“I called out ‘Jed! Jed! Thank you so much for the tickets,'” Nancie said, “and he said, ‘Oh, you made it. Where’s your daughter?”

The three of them then snapped a picture, which York posted on his own Twitter page.

The icing on the cake to all of it was the game, an instant classic that the 49ers won 36-32 after Davis hauled in the winning pass from Alex Smith with just a few seconds left on the clock.

“It was like thunderous at the stadium,” Ashley said. “It was incredible to actually see, to actually experience the catch.”

Nancie and Ashley, two loyal Niners fans from Auburn, can now say they were the guests of honor for one of the greatest games in 49ers history.

“The whole time we are saying, ‘I can’t believe this is happening,'” Nancie said.

  1. Retired old Guy says:

    Good for them. A memory they will never forget and braagging rights come with it.

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