BOREAL (CBS13) — The fresh powder finally arrived, including 5 feet of fresh snow at Boreal, and some people went to extreme measures to take advantage of this reawakening of winter.

The buzz is there. along with the speed and the shredding. There’s no doubt about it. These Boreal boarders were going crazy over the conditions.

“I could not have asked for a better snow than today,” one boarder said. “Snow for three days. It’s been awesome.”

With the latest round of storms, the first fresh snow in more than a month, plenty of people had no problem skipping work or school to be on the mountain.

“First snow of the season pretty much so we had to come out for it,” one explained.

A group of teenagers left Roseville High right after fourth period and then hoped their parents weren’t watching the news.

Boreal says the turnout on Monday night was double last week’s with even more night riders than day.

And not just any snow. Mother Nature dumped off a hefty load of the good stuff.

“It’s nice to have the fluffy, good, all-natural stuff,” one boarder said. “I think people are having more fun out here than the hard pack we’ve been dealing with lately.”

They’ll take real over fake any day.

“This is pillow snow,” Boreal operations director Shadar Edelman said.


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