SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The brother of an accused cold-blooded murderer was stunned on Tuesday when CBS13 broke the news to him that his sibling was behind bars.

“It’s a complete shock to me about what I’m hearing about my young brother,” Don Barber said from his modest midtown Sacramento apartment. “He’s not a violent person.”

But detectives with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department believe otherwise. They arrested 47-year-old Dupree Barber on Tuesday for the murder of Cordova Parks and Recreation District superintendent Steven Dupree, 59.

“Actually our investigation has been focusing on him,” sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos said. “His name kind of came up early on in this investigation.”

Ebert was found dead early Monday morning slumped back in the driver seat of his SUV near Hagan Community Park on Chase Drive after being shot multiple times.

Barber is a former parks district employee who recently lost his job, and investigators say losing his job may be the motivation for murder.

“This individual was laid off,” Ramos said. “The victim in this case was either his direct supervisor or instrumental in those layoffs.”

Barber turned himself in Tuesday morning to West Sacramento police when he approached an officer and reportedly said “I think I’m wanted.” He was later booked into the Sacramento County jail and is being held without bail.

His brother Don didn’t want to talk about the investigation.

“I’m not going to make no comment on that,” he said.

But he did have a message for his little brother.
“I just want him to know that I’m praying for him and that I love him,” he said.

Comments (7)
  1. rmcsticks says:

    you just can’t write this stuff,, I mean really (Dupree & Dupree ) do you remember the song cousin Dupree

    1. timatoe says:

      That’s because they’ve mis-reported.

      Either the victim is last of Dupree or last of Ebert.

      “……for the murder of Cordova Parks and Recreation District superintendent Steven Dupree, 59”

      “Ebert was found dead early Monday morning slumped back in the driver seat of his SUV”

  2. Deuce says:

    It was Cordova Parks and Recreation District superintendent Steven Ebert not Steven Dupree.
    Have enough respect for the dead to at least get the name correct CBS 13.
    A little typo like that can cost an innocent person plenty. Fire that stooge you call an editor and get a monkey. It will do a better job.

  3. sassafras says:

    LOL you are bad Deuce LOL LOL.

  4. JCC says:

    Does anyone proof articles before they are posted. I re-read the story because it didn’t make sense when it came to who the victim was.

  5. Cal says:

    @ Deuce – HAHAHAHA!!!! Sooo true!

  6. tomw says:

    I live on one of the parks and have talked to Dupree over the years and watched him work…he is easy to spot, he is quite large, always smiling and working his butt off. I am not naive, he is a murderer and he needs Gods grace now but I will tell you he was a good hard working man who wanted nothing more than to be left alone and respected for giving a days work which he was proud and happy to do. What a waste of two lives, two families, pray for them all.

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