GALT (CBS13) – A Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy shot and critically wounded one of two suspects in a coffee shop burglary early Friday morning in Galt, and police are also investigating if the suspects are connected to a string of other break-ins in the area.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies were called to assist Galt Police officers on a burglary alarm call at the It’s A Grind coffee shop on Twin Cities Road at around 2 a.m.

When deputies arrived, they noticed a car backed up to the business with the engine running. The front glass door and window were shattered. Deputies saw one suspect running away and another suspect still inside.

As two of the deputies went inside, the suspect tried to run to the back of the store. The deputies reportedly ordered the man to stop but he ignored the command, turned around and began running back toward the front door and one of the deputies.

The deputy farthest inside the store noticed the suspect had something in his hand and demanded the suspect to stop and “show his hands.” However, the suspect continued forward.

“Believing that that officer was in imminent danger from the suspect, the deputy fired several shots at him, striking him twice,” sheriff’s department spokesman Deputy Jason Ramos said.

Despite being wounded, the suspect ran out of the store and tried to get away. However, deputies were able to take him into custody in the parking lot.

The 27-year-old suspect was hit once in the upper body and once in the lower body. He was taken to the hospital with what is being described as life-threatening wounds.

The object he was carrying turned out to be a hammer that deputies say could have been used to smash in the front door.

Meanwhile, additional officers arrived to help search for the second suspect who was seen running from the business. After a short search, a K9 officer found the 22-year-old hiding under a motor home in front of a nearby street. That suspect was also taken to the hospital to be treated for dog bites.

The 40-year-old deputy involved in the shooting is an 11-year veteran of the department and is now on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated by the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau and Professional Standards Division.

Law enforcement officials are looking into the possibility that these suspects are responsible for a string of recent burglaries in the Galt area.

Comments (6)
  1. Plain Facts says:

    Well, it’s time the police spend more time at the firing range. The new directive should be to empty their clips, reload and keep firing until DEAD!

  2. Wesley Bates says:

    Now how do you expect these two upstanding liberal citezens to vote for Brother Obama when they are in jail. Seems to be a right wing conservative conspiracy. Cause stonecold sezz soooo.

  3. Two Tacos... says:

    It was probably a couple of Mexiroaches, who didn’t understand the commands

  4. bubba says:

    Way to go galt pd call for assistance then when sheriffs arrive they notice a car running and suspect trying to get away,sounds like the pd was watching all this from the donut shop across the street good thing the sheriffs department showed up or they would have probably watched them get in the car and drive off

  5. sassafras says:

    Donut shops where the police have their coffee and donuts is the safest place to be(grandson age 5).

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