DAVIS (CBS13) — University administrators shelled out $100,000 for a media expert to help them manage the fallout from a videotaped confrontation with protestors that sparked outrage around the globe.

In the weeks following the November raid on Occupy UC Davis demonstrators that ended with police pepper-spraying students at close range, the University of California paid for the crisis consultant to handle public communications for Chancellor Linda Katehi and the administration as pictures and video spread.

Members of Occupy UC Davis, who are continuing to camp on campus, said the high price tag only makes university officials look worse in their eyes.

“I would have rather the money go towards education,” said Occupy participant David Roddy. “I think it just reinforces the position of the protestors here that the administration is willing to throw money around as long as they don’t face the actual problems that are facing students.”

Vice president of communications Lynn Tierney said they money didn’t come from students’ tuition and was pulled from a reserve fund to handle insurance claims.

“We had parents, students, legislators, public officials, the campus community at Davis, and we wanted to ensure that we told them what steps we were taking, how we were taking them, and that everything was coordinated,” Tierney said.

University officials recently announced a system-wide review of police protocols and a study into the health effects of pepper spray in response to the incident.

The public report on the November 18 incident is expected to be released on February 21.

Comments (20)
  1. Mary Newsome says:

    That money should be taken out of the salaries of those who authorized it.

  2. cityslicker says:

    If the money didn’t come from their tuition, than where did it come from? What other forms of income does Davis college have, that we don’t know about?

  3. sassafras says:

    There are high paid administrators at UCD who retaliate in smart aleck mean unprofessional ways to curtail freedom of speech that “THEY” do not agree with and I ain’t a kiddin . What an outrageous waste of money. Wait and see they will probably try to come up with a way to stifle the press, I know a few and they do not like the press they think they are much smarter, they are intellectual idiots and i are not a wolfin.

  4. Joel B says:

    You paid $100,000.00 to get the truth out?
    You expect someone to believe this?
    Your a liar Lynn Whoever! No one pay’s to tell the trith, you pay to hide the truth Lying Lynn!

  5. rednecksmartalect says:

    UCD will probably be sued over this unnessary pepper spraying. Steps should have been in place in the first place so that nothing like this would have happened. Chaos at UCD due to kids sitting on the sidewalk at UCD, my my, one hundred thousand dollars to study what happened “we all saw what happened” well any way we will be sitting on pens and needles waiting for this report to be made public in Febuary unless they come up with a way to stifle the public report.

    1. B says:

      It was NOT $100,000 to STUDY the incident. It was $100,000 for a media consultant to SPIN the story in an effort to make the responsible people in charge not look so bad. Any costs to study what happened will be in addition to that.

    2. Reality says:

      They were lucky they only got pepper sprayed. You DON”T try to lynch a prisoner from the police. The chancellor’s biggest mistake was not supporting the cops before the whole truth came out. She caved to political pressure and false propaganda.

  6. Joel B says:

    The report will be stiffled as soon as its gets close to the trurh.
    As rednecksmartalect said, we all saw what happened.
    The establishment controls the press and the press will do as expected.
    Thier good Boot snpping Brown Shirts.
    God forbid we have an honest press, after all we need to do as were told and stop questioning authority!

  7. mike says:

    They need to study ways to sucessfully lie lol. When they said the cops feared for their safety so they sprayed the kids sitting on the ground instead of the kids who were surrounding them doing nothing harmful was so nuts, that they lost all “CREDIBILITY” millions of people saw what really happened.

  8. modern warfare says:

    Public Schools runs like Private, that is funny. Remove all admin from UC, CSU, CC, & School districts that makes over $100K/yr unnecessary, eventually we will all be in a third world class education.

  9. Caveman says:

    It happens time and time again, and everybody lets it happen.

    Somebody in a position of authority abuses power.
    People are outraged.
    They have an “investigation” and drag it on as long as possible.
    We go back to sleep.
    Business as usual…

    Oh look, Desperate Housewives is on…

  10. Jerry Drawhorn says:

    “It didn’t come from tuition….It came from a reserve fund” which in turn came from tuition or taxpayer money or alumni donations that were portrayed as being “for students”. Instead it goes to some hack that is trying to cover up the events that happened and soften their effects. And why the hell is it going to take more than three months to investigate this incident and recommended actions to prevent it from happening again? And why is a high cost former LA police chief heading the group (with the vast majority administrators whose jobs are on the line if they say anything that that irks the Chancellor? Why no community members? Why was everyone on the group hand-picked by the Chancellor- rather than allow th e student government, Faculty Senate, City Council and others to appoint thei own representatives?

  11. Joel B says:

    Why was everyone on the group hand-picked by the Chancellor- rather than allow th e student government, Faculty Senate, City Council and others to appoint thei own representatives

    That wouldalmost be like a real investigation and then we would expect a transparent investigation and possibly the truth!

  12. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    After workig for the UCD system in sacramento for many years, I am surprised that they only shelled out $100.000………. They would spend a whole lot more to cover their a$$ if they could.

  13. Heywood says:

    Obstruct, Obscure & Obfuscate. This is the motto of modern administrations of all types. Personal Responsibility has died and gone to whatever awaits.

  14. B says:

    This exorbitant and frivolous waste of funds, for a job that will last only a few weeks, EXACTLY highlights the disconnect between those who hold the positions of power and those that they govern. This disconnect is the PRECISE CAUSE of the Occupy movement. And to think that they made this expenditure at a time when their SUPPOSED NEED for revenue causes them to raise tuitions FAR in excess of what is needed to keep pace with inflation. This in addition to voting to give themselves pay raises ranging from 9.9% to over 21%.

  15. jjvv says:

    And the money goes to —— a private business! Consultants, they make tons of $$$ over stuff like this. would it realy take 3 months to investigate? Most of it was shown on TV already. How about cutting salaries, how about administrations stepping up to the plate and take a cut in pay, how about pumping money into the rank & file, students tuition. Naw like that’s going to happened.

  16. The Blogger says:

    If you watch the entire video you will see that the students had fair warning, that if they didn’r leave they were going to get pepper sprayed.

    Guess what? They stayed & got pepper sprayed……



  17. waste money says:

    Anyone who had anything to do with this should immediately be fired for wasting and fraudulant use of taxpayer money!

  18. Daniel Bruce says:

    Some people are grossly overpaid. Enormous egos and rippling circles of cronies continue to narcissistically massage one another. The perceived elitism that some groups of people have is mind numbing and tiring. We all pay the price for this kind of unethical behavior that is happening all around us and only sometimes comes to light in the media.

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