SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In the speech in front of about 1,000 people at the Sacramento Convention Center, Johnson talked about the economy, the push to build a new sports and entertainment arena and promoting green jobs.

“We can’t wait for the economy to recover on its own. We have to take bold actions to ensure we determine our own destiny. We have to make the impossible possible,” said Mayor Johnson.

Johnson pushed for the new arena saying it would bring more than 4,000 jobs for the region.

He unveiled the “Brick-by-Brick” program to help raise $10 million toward a new arena. The program would literally sell bricks to supporters. The bricks would be engraved with their name and used in the entryway of the new area. He also presented two honorary bricks to two local boys, Jack O’Brien and Gil Vechter, who have raised hundreds of dollars for a new arena by selling lemonade.

kids and bricks Sacramento Mayor Johnsons Wants The City To Achieve The Impossible

Mayor Johnson gives honorary bricks to Jack O’Brien and Gil Vechter, two local boys who have raised hundreds for the arena by selling lemonade in their neighborhood.

The mayor also pushed to improve Sacramento schools something he says will also help the city’s economy.

“A quality education is necessary in the long run to ensure a robust and healthy economy in Sacramento,” said the Mayor. “Don’t tell me our schools aren’t important to our economy. We won’t be able to compete in the global economy until we fix our schools.”

The mayor also talked about flood protection, homelessness, and the arts.

For more information on the “Brick by Brick” program, you can visit

  1. johnvolpez says:

    The cost of higher education is ridiculous, my son wanted to go to college but we could not afford so we choose the High Speed Universities for his education while working now he working for fortune 500

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