NEW YORK (WFAN) — He has style, he has grace.

That’s right, we’re talking about Boomer & Carton producer Al Dukes, who remixed his classic parody, “Beat Tom Brady,” to get Giants fans everywhere riled up for Super Bowl XLVI.

Based off “She’s A Lady” by Tom Jones, Al’s original did the trick for the Jets against New England last January.

And it’s so nice, it might just work twice.

Without further ado, listen and sing along…

(You can download Al Dukes’ smash hit HERE.)

Well wouldn’t it be great
To win like in ’08?
One more Lombardi!

Now Indy is the place
JPP is in your face
You’ll have no party!


Beat Tom Brady!
Woah-woah-woah beat Tom Brady!
I’m talking about beating Tom Brady!
Beating Brady would be fine!

Gronkowski is in pain
A high left ankle sprain
No yards receiving!

Eli is gonna choose
Manningham or Nicks or Cruz
And we’ll be winning!


Brady won’t have much time
When he has the ball
Osi up the middle
He’s going to get mauled!
Deep receivers hard to find
Another drive is stalled
Justin Tuck up the gut
To knock him to knock him off his Uggs!

If Brady don’t do well
He can still smash out Gisele
And that hot body!

Hey Jets fans, I have good news
One of these teams has to lose
And no more Schotty!


Beat Tom Brady! Is it stuck in your head yet? Sound off on Al’s modern classic in the comments below…


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