BERKELEY (CBS13/AP) — Instead of celebrating a top 10 recruiting class that featured some of the most heralded prospects on the West Coast, California had to settle for a class that will end up in the middle of the pack in the Pac-12.

shaqthompson3 e1315002357171 Late Reversals, Including Grants Thompson, Hurt Cal Recruiting Class

(credit: Anthony Brunsman/MaxPreps)

The Golden Bears finalized their class Wednesday led by quarterback Zach Kline. But this year’s group is more notable for the prized prospects who signed elsewhere after star recruiter Tosh Lupoi left Cal for Washington last month.

Safety Shaq Thompson of Grant High in Sacramento, defensive lineman Ellis McCarthy and receiver Jordan Payton all committed to Cal at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl on Jan. 7, giving the school a shocking haul of talent. But all three changed their minds after Lupoi left, dealing a major blow to the class.

Thompson announced his decision to go to Washington a day earlier via Twitter and made it official on Wednesday’s National Letter of Intent Day. He told the Sacramento Bee that Lupoi’s move to Washington was a factor in his decision but not the deciding factor. Thompson’s older brother Syd played at Cal and now is in the NFL with the Denver Broncos.

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  1. Paul Chabot says:

    These guys are not the first recruits to flip on Cal, and won’t be the last. I honestly can’t name a single recruit that has flipped in previous years, because it is not a big deal. These clowns will be remembered for the gutless, underhanded way they went about it. Lupaid was recruiting for UW as he was being paid by the taxpayers of the State of California, and should be arrested for fraud the next time he sets foot in CA. If UW starts coming up short on office supplies, they’ll know where to look. He’ll be gone to the SEC anyway, as soon as Saban offers him an extra box of crackers and some Top Ramen. Now, when I think of Tosh.Ho, the first thng that comes to mind is a bottled feminine hygiene product. Don’t waste your time coming to any future reunions, Tosh. Hope you own a hardhat, or are smart enough to stay in the booth.

    Cal will be better off in the long run without these diva-types. Crabtree seems more down-to-earth than some of these so-called blue-chippers. And really, when everyone says the player you most closely resemble is Taylor Mays, well, enough said. Indecision and flip-flopping are not exactly the traits I’m looking for in a DB, and he just displayed them in droves. Hopefully the Niners won’t wind up blowing a high pick on this bust waiting to happen like they did with Mays.

  2. Fred says:

    What do you expect? These thugs were raised in such a way that they have no character. Moreover, someone may have advised them that if they go to Cal they might have to learn to spell their names (even if it is with crayon).

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