SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Kevin Johnson no doubt experienced heckling during his NBA playing days and he’s heard from critics during his three years as Sacramento’s mayor, but Tuesday may have been a first for him.

A man named Leo, a regular attendee at Sacramento City Council meetings, threw his wallet at the mayor. Leo was complaining about having his identification stolen and apparently was upset that Johnson did not help him recover it.

KJ asked him to wrap it up several times before Leo used an expletive and chucked his wallet at him.

The wallet reportedly hit the dais in front of the mayor and Leo was escorted out of the meeting by police officers.

Comments (14)
  1. gna says:

    No my mayor, but he should have stayed with BB

  2. Matt says:

    How is the mayor responsible for fixing a citizen’s personal problems? This guy has no business being at city council meetings. He apparently doesn’t understand the council’s responsibilities and cannot control his temper.

    1. Wak-A-Do-Central says:

      no telling what a wack-a-do will do – after this he’ll have his own room to complain.

  3. Get Rid Of Our So Called Mayor. says:

    It’s time we Vote this Crack Head out of Office…

    All he does is Party with the MaGoof Brothers…

    This P.O.S. needs to go, and Quickly…

  4. gary says:

    kevbo needs to get back to his selling the people down the river to build his new BB playground … loser

  5. A.C.M.E. Joe says:

    I vision something a bit different.

    I see a Helecopter flying overhead. I see the helecopter is towing a 500 ton wrecking ball. I see the cable snapping and the ball falling to the earth. I see Johnson standing there with that S/H/I/T/T/Y @$$ grin that he is alway’s sporting. I see that 500 ton wrecking ball, in slow motion, hitting that dude on the top of his head, and slowly his smile starts to fade, as his head explodes as it crashes down upon him and crushes him to smithereens.

    Just kidding folks. It’s a cartoon. It’s not real. Never could be real. D/a/m/n it.

  6. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    Yes ….. a new sports arena will cure all the problems sacramento has with unemployment, laid off firefighters and police officers. On a side note ….. it will also cure herpes, cancer, obesity and yellow fingernails. A new arena will also pave all the city streets gold and silver, with a basketball hoop at every city street corner, and a new basketball for everyone in the city.

    ” Oh glory days area a coming”

    And about the idiot throwing his wallet ! Aim better next time dummy………

  7. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    TYPO ……….. ” Oh glory days are a coming

  8. gary says:

    face kevbo fans (if any), he ONLY got in on obumbo’s coat-tails and that’s a fact !!!

    1. matt says:

      But he’s going to get another term so you might as well enjoy the ride.

  9. Cowboy says:

    Just an observation .. but if this “citizen” really wants help dealing with his apparent stolen identity problem … the first step is to take measures to prevent others from getting access to it … so, STOP THROWING YOUR WALLET AT PEOPLE!

  10. jackie says:

    LOL, I thought he was trying to make a statement “you have taken all my money so ya might as well have my empty wallet to) lol. This man has every right to be at council meetings thank God they haven’ taken that right away from the public. Keep your wallets in your pocket and purses on your lap however lol.

  11. Whitey says:

    Ah… there you are! All the sheep bashing the new arena are back in the game. Since you’re all paying attention and sitting so nicely, let me run this by you one more time:

    If we spend some money to build a new area, it will bring something called “revenue”… kind of like the food stamps we give you… and the community will actually have more money. Get it? Spend a little to make a little… like all the big cities do it.

    Does it start to make sense yet?

  12. hereSlone says:

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