SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man shot and killed by a Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy overnight in a Kmart parking lot has been identified.

The Sacramento County Coroner says the victim is 47-year-old Lamont Harmon. An autopsy is pending.

The shooting happened around 3 a.m. Monday on Lawrence Drive near Stockton Boulevard and Fruitridge Road.

lamont harmon UPDATE: Man Shot And Killed By Sacramento Deputy

The deputy chased the suspect through the Kmart parking lot, to the intersection of Lawrence and Stockton, down Lawrence to 49th Street, with the shooting itself happening in the middle of Lawrence.

Police say Harmon didn’t surrender once the deputy caught up.

As the two fought, the deputy used his stun gun on Harmon, to no effect. Investigators say the suspect made a quick move, and the deputy, fearing for his life, opened fire. Harmon was pronounced dead at a local hospital at around 3:30 a.m.

“The suspect made some type of furtive movement that made the deputy fear for his life,” said Sgt. Andrew Pettit of the Sacramento Police Department.

Pettit said investigators were looking into wheter Harmon had a weapon on him, but as of late morning, police hadn’t recovered a weapon from the extensive crime scene.

The incident began with Sacramento police spotting a stolen car parked at an AM/PM just down the road at Fruitridge and Stockton in south sacramento.

Sheriff’s deputies were on patrol in the area near the dividing line between the city and county jurisdiction and saw Harmon wandering through the nearby parking lot. He reportedly fled when he was approached and the deputy gave chase.

Investigators will look to toxicology results to determine whether the suspect was under the influence because the Taser didn’t have any effect.

The deputy involved in the shooting is on routine paid administrative leave during the investigation.

Comments (33)
  1. DEAD? GOOD!! says:

    Thanks for saving the taxpayer’s money, officer.

    1. Brandon says:

      You a bîtch for that..

  2. Mike P says:

    A “sudden move”? That’s pretty funny. “Furtive”, “Sudden” “Overt”. All words taken from the “how to shoot a guy and use creative report writing” handbook. People do tend to make “sudden” moves when they are attempting to flee. Deputy…Maybe get in shape a bit and you could use yourself instead of your gun next time. When will police departments start hiring people who can think through situations and not just the Rambo’s? One step backwards from community oriented policing. And you wonder why people want to “flee”. Ummm….because they don’t trust that your not going to shoot them in the nugget. Morons.

  3. Whitey says:

    Uh, Mike, I think it’s you we should be calling “moron”. If you don’t want to get shot, don’t run from… don’t fight with… and don’t grab for the gun of… police officers. Those of us innocent of breaking laws don’t worry about being shot.

    It’s real simple Mike, just like you.

    1. buzzy says:

      Well written, Whitey. When police officer asks you to stop and you run. one has to suspect that you have something to hide, then fight with the officer..

    2. Mike P says:

      Well, apparently your reading skills need some polishing. Where does it say he “grabbed his gun” or even ” fought with him” as you stated? And your “innocent” nature should be concerned as this person was simply walking through a parking lot. But then again, I guess probable cause or the Bill of Rights is over your head also, so I’m just wasting my time. Just because your daddy is a cop, doesn’t mean they are all in the right.

      1. JMHO says:

        HA HA HA You’re the one who can’t read. The suspect fled the scene. The officer had to chase him. When the officer caught up with the suspect they fought (“As the two fought….”). The suspect failed to comply with officer. The officer didn’t start out by shooting the guy — he made a demand, had to chase him, tried to subdue him with his stun gun — to no avail.

        A moron is someone who fails to fully read an article and then accuses others of not reading the article. And don’t get me started on your grammar and punctuation.

    3. ASW says:

      Whitey you will never know what it means to be black in america. Read your history books, the unfortunate situation of racial profiling is still around today.

      1. Matt says:

        What does that have to do with this situation?? Because he’s black there must be some ulterior motive? 3am in a KMart parking lot in an area known for drug selling…I think it’s reasonable to approach him and he runs when he sees you…that’s on him not the cop.

      2. Xavier says:

        Profiling? Ummm HELLO! He was in a stolen car and ran from the police. History tells me if you don’t like it here, you have the freedom to leave..

      3. Di says:

        This is intended for the comments after this post. The officers suspected him of car theft, he was not involved with the stolen vehicle. Whatever the cause, to led to the events to follow, i can speak as a law abiding citizen (who does not know what it is like to be profilied) that the way a person is confronted or looked upon holds alot to the way they react. In this neiborhood, there is a lot of people down on their luck and walking or riding a bike to collect cans for extra $, or maybe he was helping someone find an artical lost earlier in the day, someone from his neiborhood who could not return to do so for themselves, Over 20 years ago, I had this suspect in my home, he was very respectful, and even then I saw how people were profiied, making their reactions totally different from someone who isn”t.

  4. stan atkinson says:

    Mike = turd.

  5. Life is hard when your stupid says:


    1. JMHO says:

      You’re stupid when you use “your” instead of “you’re.”

      Grammar lesson for the day. When you own something, it is yours. “This is your book.” When you mean to say “you are” you use “you’re.” The apostrophe takes the place of the missing “a.” “You’re stupid.”

      Class dismissed.

  6. Whitey says:

    Coward, master the art of grammar & punctuation… then you can slam us all. And it’s your mom we whack off to… not Roadhouse.

    Mikey P., my father isn’t a cop… I just have respect for them and the difficult job they do. i know you probably see them as the bad guys because you don’t like rules. If a taser doesn’t stop him, it means the meth one. Cops don’t shoot people running away. It does say he chased the guy, Mikey. What do you think happened? You think the cop saw a donut shop and decided he didn’t have time to run anymore?

    Here’s some advice… don’t infringe on the rights of others. Pretty simple. I’ve been doing it for years and haven’t had any cop problems.

    1. sergio says:

      I agree with you about the hard jobs the cops do have, you seem like a intelligent person… but again the cops had the wrong guy! the cops cant make out if he even had anything to do with it. Ok he ran but we see on Cops (tv show) what to do in that type of situation. Why KILL him??? I have friends that are cops, but theirs good cops, and then theres dumb poor choice or just dont care about killing people cops.

      1. Matt says:

        You forget the part that “he fought with the cop” and “taser had no effect”. What do you do at that point…you either let him go or you pull your gun and if he has no respect for the gun or the cop and makes a move, the cop really has no choice but to shoot.

      2. sergio says:

        I understand that point Matt, we all know that but do you believe EVERYTHING A COPS SAY???? OR THE MEDIA???? thats a question you should ask yourself because you were NOT there! so next time dont make a ass out of yourself.

  7. sergio says:

    This is my step dad, I honestly feel sorry for you people that dont know the half of what really happened, the way these people make him out to be is really bad. I wouldnt post things like that he was a wonderful hard working man, he was a very funny and caring individual. He probably was drinking and made the wrong choice of running, but he did not steal no car the cops had made the wrong choice of stoping him just because he “LOOKS” like a thug. So next time you want to comment on something your not sure of… DONT COMMENT! thank you.

    1. Matt says:

      How much you want to bet the toxicology report comes back positve for some drug? No reaction to a taser usually means drugs are involved.

    2. St. Peters says:

      Looking like a thug didn’t make him fight with the officer. Being a thug did. I have no remorse. Make a choice, deal with the consequences. That’s why I am still alive. Oh and by the way, I don’t look like a business man, and have been pulled over for looking like a suspect. And when they find out that I am not the one they are looking for, I am set free.

      So Sergio, maybe you will learn something from this. change your ways before you make the same mistake your step dad did.

      1. sergio says:

        Hahahahahaha!!! St. Peter your a real funny person no response because I take you as a JOKE!!! “I’ll learn something from this”. I guess you want me to say, thanks for caring about me????

  8. St. Peters says:

    I have a pair and they are in your mother’s mouth. You are a hypocrite as well for saying that people hide behind their monitors. Where are you at? Behind your monitor. YEP, you are a coward.

  9. Cmore says:

    Can we just see the lawsuit that is going to take place? A wonderful father, son and law abiding citizen was shot for no reason. Yep, that is what they all say.

  10. knowledge says:

    So speaking from a real point of view because obviously nobody on here knows the VICTIM or the officer involved I can say yes running was not the answer in the area time period but neither was the force even if there was a fight which must be determined by surveillance or any struggle I know for a solid fact 18 shots is too many if he was a threat the shots would have been in the front of his body he was hit in th back multiple times one to the head and more in hands and lower anatomy so if he was reaching or a threat he was probably less harmful to anybody after five or 9 but 18 we call that murder where I’m from and I was raised by an officer of the law with very differnt views from my own but right from wrong is what we accomplished and this incident was just wrong as many others that take place in lower-low/mid class communities which needs to be adressed before we completely lose the trust between our law enforcemnt and our civilians in them. So all in all stop the ignorance whether he was black white or hispanic asian other he was a person just like the man who shot him its the labels that make us forget ie cop,thug,attic,dealer everybody has one and is treated accordingly based on it get your mind right

  11. nothingchanges says:

    When an officer of the law gives an order you listen, Make a stupid move you face the consequences.

  12. Retired old Guy says:

    You all sure have fun bantering back and forth and making no sense whatsoever. Go back to watching reruns of Laverne and Shirley and keep off the computer. Leave it for those with at least half a brain.

  13. Sacra-Ghetto says:

    One dead a day is just not going to cut it. Now if every officer were to shoot one deadbeat a day we may be back to a respectable city in a decade or so…Keep the bullets flyin’

    1. sergio says:

      What if that was a member of your family or a good friend??? and dont give that garbage that all your friends are Yale grads and lawyers. Theres a lot of tough guys on this site I’ve found out. All you people are just critics behind a computer, dont know what happened dont have any facts or even know the person to make such comments. So carry on you make who you are and the people around you sound and look ignorant, so in your falling years of criticism you’ll find that your life was wasted talking about someone else that doesnt even notice you… LOSERS!!!

  14. bill says:

    The officer should be stripped of his badge and put into the general prison population, so the inmates can have their way with him

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