UPDATE: Three People Killed In Wrong-Way Crash On Highway 50

RANCHO CORDOVA (CBS13) – Three people died in a crash with a wrong-way driver on Highway 50 in Rancho Cordova overnight.

The accident happened around 1 a.m. on Monday morning. Officers say a driver in a Honda CRV was traveling east in the west lanes of Highway 50 at Folsom Boulevard.

“Wrong-way drivers will typically drive in the fast lane because they think that they’re in the slow lane when they’re on the wrong side of the freeway,” CHP Officer Ivan Gregory said.

That driver, identified as Christopher Rigsby of Redwood City, slammed head-on into another SUV killing three people inside, two women and a man. Rigsby was reportedly traveling home from a South Lake Tahoe casino.

The victims were later identified as Oliverio Lopez, 51, Margarita Temblador de Lopez, 53, and Francisca Temblador Raymundo, 58.

Two other people in the SUV were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Rigsby was also taken to UC Davis Medical Center and was listed in fair condition after surgery. The CHP says he will be booked on suspicion of DUI and possible other charges after he’s discharged from the hospital.

  • WisenCynical

    Final Score
    Drunk Driver: 3
    Sober Driver: 0

    • Granny

      Was I.C.E called?

      • Budro

        @ Granny, The victims live here 100000 BCE, way before u and ur momma bought Small Pox from Europe, shut Up idiot.

      • Matt

        How stupid do you have to be to post this.

  • Whitey

    How drunk do you have to be for something this stupid? I have to wonder how, if there really is a God, the innocent victims die and the drunken idiots suffer injuries. How can that possibly be?

    • . termite

      I just passed a accident on I -5 North bound at March Lane in Stockton , and I saw a yellow tarp under a truck , there is a God . Things happen , no getting around that. More people are killed by drunk and sober drivers than killed by a gun each year. Should we blame the liquor Industry , blame the liquor stores , who do we blame ? I am sure you drink and drive , we all at one time.

      • Rusty

        Hope it happens to you real soon.

      • Matt

        Actually we all don’t drink and drive “at one time”. You post is nonsense.

  • Selmers

    God believes in accountability.

    • Matt

      And you know this how?

  • Ginger Reese

    Anyone who kills someone while drunk should be charged with 1st degree murder. He drove while he was drunk so he planned on knowing he’d have an accident. Put those thing they put in parking lots so you if you go over them you loose your tires. The police and fire departments can always lower them if they ever need to go up an exit ramp.

    • Matt

      Not saying he doesn’t deserve a muder charge but how can you say he “knew he’d have an accident”?

  • jackie

    So many innocent victims of someones horrendous mistakes, does not matter how carefull and law abiding ya are, some crazy action by another can wipe you or a loved one or friend out just like that.. Those of us who do or have done much commuting on the freeways in S. Ca. have seen some gruesome consequeces due to someones irresponsible behavior. Be carefull be on the look out for idiots while driving. You are right G R they should be charged with 1st degree murder.

  • gna

    A terrible, horrible, tragedy………. why ? , why ? why ???

  • notasbadasthisguy

    How drunk do you have to be to go the wrong way on a highway? You think you were drunk when you ordered a quarter pounder at b.k. coming home from the bar, but c’mon, the wrong way down the highway? These are the drunks that should be punished severely, not me who ordered a quarter pounder at b.k. and quickly realised my mistake, and for the next 13 years can’t get a decent job. Too bad he didn’t die himself, now MADD has another drunk to string up and represent every other person that truly did have only 1 drink at dinner, and got pulled over for a taillight, 30 years in prison which justifies the 1 drink at dinner guys 13yrs of longd!@k of the law up their @r$e

  • Cmore

    Anytime you get into a vehicle after drinking alcohol, there is always a higher risk of causing or getting into an accident. CHP stated that the victims had left Red Hawk Casino and had a designated driver. They did the right thing, then some drunk does this. Too bad he didn’t die.

  • Cmore

    Condolences to the family of those killed.

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