SACRAMENTO (AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown is allowing murderers to be paroled from California prisons at a far greater pace than his two immediate predecessors.

The decisions, contained in a report released this week, drew criticism Wednesday from victims’ rights group.

After a little more than one year in office, the Democratic governor has allowed about 80 percent of the decisions by the state Board of Parole Hearings to free convicted killers.

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican, allowed about a quarter of the recommended paroles to stand, while former Gov. Gray Davis, a Democrat, allowed just 2 percent.

A victims’ group says Brown has allowed 331 murderers back on the street. A spokesman for the governor says he considers public safety, parole board recommendations and recent legal decisions in making his decisions.

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Comments (19)
  1. Jerry Syrovatka says:

    can’t we let them all go, maybe the police made a mistake, or the courts made a mistake, wow, Brown you are a born looser, and when they kill again what are you going to say,

  2. It's out of hand! says:

    And yet, over 35 percent sit in prison for crimes that involved no violence, no threat to the public, and no profit.
    Good job Gov. You just released inmates that will make our world so much better. What an idiot;.

  3. sacking says:

    Another reason why I switched from democrat to republican

  4. 209hughes says:

    Always an idioit ole Jerry Bob. I hope the murderers you released cause HELL in your personal life and not the good law abiding citizens of CA. Come on lets get this slum out of office. I surely hope all these released murderers are heading to southern CA where the majority of DEMOS reside.

  5. Gary McPherson says:

    WHAT THE HELL IS HE THINKING.Mans out of his mind.

  6. mike says:

    Jerry will be dead in 5 years why should he care he gets money for all the ones he lets loose, build the prisons underground and flood them twice a year.

  7. Charlie Robinson says:

    of course he is. and when they turn into the repeat offender like 90% do, it will be on him. remember jerry brown will be responsible for their actions.

    1. TheTruth says:

      No he won’t…..that’s why he released them. If was held responsible…..he wouldn’t have done that….even the ex Mississippi governor is laughing at Jerry Brown!!!

  8. ronnie says:

    what i can’t understand is why release murders . . . so they can do it again ? why not release those who are on the three strikes for non violent crimes . whats wrong with our govener .

  9. nothingchanges says:

    Can we please hear from the Jerry supporters on this issue ? Can you make a rational comment supporting his actions ? Come on we know your out there. I’m sure they have tucked their tails an ran 🙂

  10. gna says:

    I wish that these California Governors and law makers would be held liable if these criminals get out and create crimes . . . . why doesn’t Jerry go live with these criminals at a half-way house and share in on some of their jailhouse stories. . .;)

  11. RandyS says:

    You people voted for him! He refused to pull the switch the entire time he was governor before, so what did you expect? Shut up and take it, you asked for it!

  12. Neighborsvoice_in_Idaho says:

    Maybe all those released convicts can help build the new sports complex downtown. I am sure Kevin Johnson would welcome them with open arms…… Just saying………….

  13. Not for Nut-Case Brown says:

    I hope the released murders visit the Idiot-Voters that voted for the IDIOT Brown.

  14. was986 says:

    12 years for growing a plant…..paroled by Jerry Brown for murder. When is everyone going to get tired of electing old, crusty, shady, white money?

  15. luanne says:

    Let me get my 2-cents in because I know a thing or two about prisons, inmates, and the Parole Board and obviously none of you do. Right now there are thousands of inmates that were sentenced to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree murder or to manslaughter. What you don’t know if the story behind each case. Some people are charged with murder because they shot someone INSIDE their home who was threatening their family, but there was no witness – other than the sleeping family – to prove that it was self-defense. That’s just one scenerio, there are hundreds more and I can go on, but you probably aren’t paying any attention anyway.
    So unless you have family members in prison, and unless you know the exact story about those men & women that have already been released, I say Shut your trap, You don’t know squat.

    1. geeeewhiz says:

      Yeah right. And pigs fly south for the winter, right?
      If someone broke into your house there would be proof. Particularly in the fact threat they have no business being there.

      And self-defense is obvious in the way the weapon is held., the trajectory of the bullet, the distance, etc. Forensics tell the story where the lying on the stand just makes great press blips.

      Don’t bs people. the fact is your man went to jail for shooting someone in cold blood and your wishing he would get let out by Jerry Brown.

      Why don’t you at least try being honest about the reasons why you support Jerry Brown, in stead of jumping on people?

  16. Sarah Levi says:

    Hello Idiot…yea you, fool “geeeewiz”… I believe “luanne” was merely using that story as an example to get a point across. & That point being “Every Individual Case”…is just that…an Individual Case,,,& they are all different & full of many details.

    Look, I believe that Governor Jerry Brown is merely getting things handled & abiding the law at the same time.That is more then what any of our other Governors had done. He is a wise man & has “Good Character Judgement”.

    I’m sure being Governor of the sate is not an easy job.
    So lighten up on him People!!!
    I mean DAMN.

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