Today, we start with Dave’s golf bag recap, in which he got his bag and his irons back, but not the woods and the putter. He also tells us that the Sacramento PD have detectives going after the thief. Dave then tells us about seeing Dave Chappelle at the Punchline last night.

After hearing a song about Julie Ryan’s camel toe, and seeing Rob Gronkowski’s topless post-Super Bowl dance, Dave tells us about the Sacramento City Council meeting last night regarding funding for the new arena.  The guys then ponder what Dave would do if the Kings left.

Don then tells us about the text he got from Janet, in which she describes all the hoops she and her family are going through just to get her late sister Kris’ tax return and bills switched to Kris’ husband’s name. Don then tells us how much it reminds him of Freda’s passing, and how lucky he is to have Janet in his life. After hearing a “New York Giants fan” at the victory parade say she’s “excited to see Mark Sanchez,” and the “I got a ring” song sang at the parade, Don poses the question: What would you do for tickets to the Kings game tomorrow night? One caller pees on himself, one smashes his TV, one pukes over the phone, and one female listener plays with her vibrator!

We then get a visit from Kevin Harlan, who will be calling the Kings game tomorrow night for TNT. Kevin gives his take on the Super Bowl, tells us if he saw any celebrities in Indy, and tells us about his experiences in Sacramento during those great Kings runs back in the day. We then find out that Demi Moore weighs 91 pounds, Kathy Griffin is dating a guy 18 years younger than her, and Joan and Melissa Rivers talk about smoking weed.

It’s then time for our favorite gay, LaRoy, to stop by. LaRoy tells us what he thought of the Super Bowl, and Madonna’s halftime show, why he’s such a media whore, and where he buys his jockstraps! It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: Rick Santorum sweeps all 3 primaries yesterday, the Virginia House Of Delegates’ “Tim Tebow Bill,” a  new caffeine aerosol spray called “Aeroshot,” and kids in Minnesota playing “Rape Tag.” And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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