SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Officials say at least four San Quentin State Prison inmates were seriously injured during a riot on an exercise yard.

Prison spokesman Gabe Walters said between 150 and 200 prisoners were involved in the Thursday morning riot. Dozens were slashed and stabbed by fellow prisoners armed with homemade weapons.

Walters says San Quentin guards used chemicals such as pepper spray, projectiles and real bullets to restore order. None of them were injured.

The four most seriously injured inmates were taken to local hospitals. Walters says it’s so far unknown if they were hurt by other inmates or by guards.

San Quentin is a maximum security prison that house’s California’s death row. The exercise yard where the disturbance broke out serves fairly recent arrivals whose security status still is under review.

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Comments (8)
  1. elliott the Cat says:

    Why Not More !

    Give them Weapons !

  2. Cmorno says:

    And do we care?

  3. Ric Brown says:

    oh i,m just heart broken,NOT

  4. Logic_Counts says:

    More of our tax ollars to treat every minor boo-boo because these criminals got into fights. Likely gang related.


  5. The Grim Reaper says:

    Need to find a Computer Geek who can create a website that all the nice convicts have access to, of course the website would have a “Paypal” type of account where justice/ just us citizens could offer the nice convicts canteen money or the convicts family money if they were to punish all the mean convicts who are very bad, we spend 100 million a year to keep the bad death row convicts in jail in California alone, I wonder how much it would cost in Paypal money to create some vacancies on death row? hmmm what would, say 5k do? There are 30 million people in California, 311 million in the USA, if everyone kicks in a buck I bet we could make all the bad prisoners go away! Imagine a balance of 30 million a year in California bad prisoner Paypal! A victim’s family could ask the Bad Prisoner’s Paypal people(us citizens) to “vote” for which bad guy is the next vacancy, our prisons would “echo” in no time at all and our vote would finally count…. A reality series would of course make sense!

  6. ........ says:

    Were they Black or Brown?

  7. BUBBA says:

    Like that idea reaper would make for good tv

  8. luanne says:

    For all of you who say, “who cares?”, or “give them weapons!”, or “would make for good tv” – you do realize that these prisoners have family? They have a mother & father, sisters & brothers, a wife & children… Someone still loves them. Why are you this way? In the end they will meet their maker and He, and He Alone, will give them their final resting place. Instead of talking down about the inmates or wishing them ill, why not pray for them?

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