On last night’s TNT broadcast of the Kings game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, the TNT team incorrectly reported that the Sacramento City Council had voted down a deal that would build a new sports and entertainment complex in Downtown Sacramento.  In fact, earlier in the week, the Sacramento City Council voted 5-4 to move ahead with their plan to privatize the city’s parking assets, without putting it on the ballot, in order to fund a new sports and entertainment complex – a move heralded by Arena advocates.  Chris Webber, a member of the TNT team and Sacramento Kings legend, called into the Grant Napear Show for an interview that was supposed to shed light on how this error made it’s way to the TNT broadcast.  Instead, the conversation was cut short by Chris Webber, as he hung up while defending his record advocating for the Sacramento Kings.


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  1. kingsfan says:

    This was painful to listen to, i’m a big CWebb fan. Were all human we make mistakes and Grant Napear and his listeners didnt need to crucify him for it. the things they are saying are completely out of line

  2. Omariworld says:

    I totally blame Grant for this. I’m a Kings fan and everybody who was during the Webber era remembers how easily butthurt Chris was. So Grants just going to corner Chris like that and expect him to play nice? Come on Grant. You know what you were doing when you got him on the line. To assume Chris is going to have his facts straight is ridiculous. We all remember the moment when Chris called timeout in college w/ none remaining. The point is Chris, even though I love him to death, isn’t the sharpest guy. It’s to be expected for him to not have his facts right. I guess it’s to be expected for Grant to come off a little brutal as well. Never the less still a great moment for Grant. After all he’s the one that benefits from all of this.

  3. Mike says:

    no way is this Grant’s fault. If you listen to the first part of the interview you can tell that CWebb is in his cups,, dude was drinkin, and came on with an agenda.

    1. Tinkrbella says:

      I totally agree with you. And this was his usual typical, spoiled, entitled attitude that we have seen from Chris MANY times in the past. He knew the question was going to be asked. Maybe he was mad that Grant asked that first instead of kissing his butt and praising him for putting on a jersey since his meager retirement that no one cares about anymore. I dunno but certainly Chris had an agenda, and to say what was the wrong information. They still are trying to act like they have some secret insider info or something. Chris still has an ego and for no reason at all. He is a has been that has been many places.

  4. Josh says:

    Grant, a gold medal isn’t the same as your situation. You led with that question to get a reaction. Any journalism 13th grader can tell you that.

  5. pat says:

    what’;s wrong with you people? fair question from Grant……how in the world does this information get so twisted by a national media outlet. Chris knew why he was going to be interviewed. stop the love affair and look at the facts. Chris has always had ultra-thin skin.

  6. slim says:

    grant you set him up. bad bad bad move d-bag

  7. Tim says:

    Two egomanical peas stuck in the same pod. It seems like only yesterday when a depleted Webber coming back from injury broke up the chemistry of the last championship caliber Kings team under Rick Adelman…and of course this is Grant’s achilles sore spot – advocating for the new arena. Does anyone remember his ranting on the airwaves, calling citizens “idiots” and worse for not backing the billionare boys by fund an arena for them? And for Grant to say CWebb was too defensive….why, Grant WROTE that playbook!

  8. Brennan says:

    Didn’t apologize for a mistake he and his coworkers made by announcing the arena deal was dead. that’s on c-webb, r. miller, c. miller, and their producers. he was defensive the whole call. and the reason why he advocates for the new arena is because sacramento needs it! this town would be nothing without it.

    1. Tim says:

      This town would be the same without them. Sacramento has been here long before the Kings and will be here long after they leave – no better / no worse. I don’t have anything against having the Kings here, in fact I enjoy watching them (on tv). Why, however, should private citizens or this city bankroll the Maloof’s with tax dollars? Sacramento needs to spend literally BILLIONS to repair our aging sewers and infrastructure. Grant Napier rants about the arena deal (and becomes ultra-defensive in defending it) because he’s PAID by the Maloof’s and doesn’t want to lose his job – which would happen if he talked sense about the arena deal. I’m not blamin on him – I’m just seeing him for what he is!

  9. Ana says:

    how pathetic of CWebb to come on the air and not have the guts to admit what a poor job he and the rest of the TNT crew did in misreporting thefacts, it was a simple and clear statement they had to make and Chris out of all of them, could not deliver thefacts. Chris has always come across as arrogant, spoiled brat that can’t take any criticism. HE SURE DOES NOT DESERVE the love or respect that the Sacramento fans have for him. Sacramento does not owe him anything, he got paid and I would say overpaid!

  10. KJ says:

    Ok I understand that Grant wanted to ask a question but wow you can’t congratulate a guy on get his jersey retired. Anyone who studies any human performance issues realizes that you do the pleasantries first. Weber congratulated Grant on the Ginats winning the super bowl then he jumps right into the Sac subject. What everyone has to realize is Grant works for the Kings don’t you all know that he knows more than he comes on the air and says. Look the NBA doesn’t want the Kings in LA that is why they are aloowing the Clippers to sign everyone. It’s up to the city of SAC to get it together hell I remember when Weber didn’t even want to come here to play.

  11. Mojoo says:

    Chuck, Grant WORKS for WABC!They have not one iota of “integrity and respect” arierdgng this situation.They are opportunists seizing a fleeting moment to capitalize on outrage and boost their flagging station’s stature among their own “converted”, at little cost or risk to themselves.Which, when you think about it, is very much what the “old” Imus would have done, if presented with a similar opportunity.

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