By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Former Sacramento Kings superstar Chris Webber abruptly cut an interview short after facing a question over erroneous statements made during a nationally televised Kings game Thursday night.

KHTK host Grant Napear quizzed the ex-Kings forward about his statements that called the efforts to build a new Sacramento arena dead following a city council vote earlier this week, but Webber unloaded on the radio host and indicated he was unaware of any inaccuracies.

“If there was any incorrect information, just tell me the correct information,” Webber said.

>> Listen to the full audio exchange

During the TNT broadcast of Thursday’s Kings vs. Thunder game, courtside reporter Cheryl Miller asked Mayor Kevin Johnson about a bill the city council voted down on Tuesday, incorrectly stating that the move had been a rejection of the arena plan.

In fact, the measure was an attempt to block the arena deal by putting the decision on the June ballot, which would have forced the arena plan to miss the NBA’s deadline in March. The city council shot down the idea in a 5-4 vote, keeping the arena hopes alive.

Johnson quickly corrected her, but Webber stated moments later that he had heard the arena deal itself had been rejected. Fellow TNT analyst Reggie Miller went on to describe Johnson’s correction as political posturing.

“That’s Kevin Johnson being a political figure, by spinning, because it was rejected,” Miller said.

Webb responded hotly to Napear’s question about the mistakes Friday night and bulled through attempts to clarify the issue in a rant that lasted nearly three minutes.

“I called out of my heart, out of the goodness of my heart,” Webber said, before later adding. “If I did any wrong to the fans of Sacramento, I’ll apologize, you know I love you. But I’m not going to give this guy on this show the chance to make me do that.”

Webber soon hung up, despite Napear’s pleas to stay on the line.

Mayor Johnson’s office did not respond to requests for comments on the issue Friday.

Comments (31)
  1. Fred says:

    What a dumb Sh1t, but then not the first time. Time out, what? there aren’t any more? Once an idiot, always an idiot.

  2. Amazed says:

    Basketball players can jump. But jumping and thinking are not necessarily related. These guys are morons. I only hope they don’t breed.

    1. Phil Kampel says:

      That’s a ridiculous generalization. Come out from behind your alias and say something more appropriately aimed at one person who made an erroneous statement.

    1. Fred says:

      No, typical dumb jock

      1. Phil Kampel says:

        see above.

  3. JC says:

    Give the guy a break, he’s the greatest King and got ambushed and disrespected in that interview. Napear should have explained why people were upset and explained that the rejection of the public vote was good news for those wanting a new arena to be built. Instead, it was immediate and without explanation that Grant said you and your TNT crew messed up, I won’t explain to anyone listening or you why you messed up, but I want you to explain why. Even after he hung up, Grant never explained why Chris and the other TNT guys messed up interpreting the vote.

    1. stephen says:

      JC you got it right.

  4. Hank A. says:

    Napear is a jerk ! I NEVER listen to that NY tool ! That said, Webber was wrong.

    1. Phil Kampel says:

      You may not agree with him, but it doesn’t serve you well to pigeonhole him because he is from NY.

      1. Hank A. says:

        All I did was mention he was from NY. I meant no insult toward people from NY. If I thought our mayor was a tool, then I’d say ,” Kevin Johnson is a Sacramento tool”. Get it ?

    2. Bill says:

      Napear has always acted like a jerk whether he is heard broadcasting King’s games or hosting a radio show.

  5. The Blogger says:

    To the best of his knowledge Webber was just being honest. If you remember, Webber does have a temper. Remember when he was asked if Tyra Banks was his girlfriend? Intead of saying “we are friends” he lost his cool.

    He was a part of a great Kings team…..

    DId you know that in the 2006 playoffs against the Lakers, the games were fixed? One of the ref’s had a big gambling debt & played a part in all of the bad calls, leading to what is known as point shaving.

    Hey man, google it!

    The Kings were robbed in 2006.

    1. Rudy_in_Sac says:

      so they were robbed when they missed 16 free throws in Game 7 and when Peja air balled that 3 to win?? Was that part of the fix?

      1. btone31 says:

        There wouldn’t been a game 7 if the refs didn’t cheat in game 6.

  6. Webber needs a Wake-Up call says:

    Webber is still a big fat idiot… No wonder he is an Ex-King player….

    He’s still a Whiner and a Weiner too…

    Grow up Webber, you can’t stay a child for ever, or can you???

  7. Whitey says:

    Nice job, TNT. Nobody ever said former athletes got smarter as they age. Those guys know there’s a huge battle to save this city and they committed an epic fail coming here. How is it not one of them took 5 minutes to speak with someone in “the know” before going on air? Shameful.

    Chris Webber, look at this as an opportunity to do the right thing and step up for the city that overlooked your immature behavior… to this day you’re treated like a God here. For what, playing basketball? Step up now, be a man for once and get behind this effort. Grant has supported you, on his show, for years and you owe it to him to not run away like a scared little girl. Really disappointing to see you still haven’t grown up.

  8. sacric says:

    I heard Chris Webber make the correction on the TV during the game. TNT gave him the wrong info, jump on them . All you complainers get your facts first before you complain.

  9. Whitey says:

    You know something, sacric, if Webber had an ounce of integrity he would be donating his time and name to helping the cause here. After the way his little b!tch ego was hurt being traded here, yet the fans still accepted and loved him as its own, the very least he could do is make some effort to be informed and represent what basketball, in this city, means to the NBA.

    Whether or not he corrected the error, shame on him for not knowing what’s really going on around here. He’s just another prima donna athlete, with a double digit IQ, that thinks he’s special and everyone owes him something because he can dribble a basketball. Poorly, at that.

  10. iOpinionate says:

    Two true statements! Regardless of what mayor johnson does, the magoofs will move the kings too anaheim, they have kept very quiet lately. meaning why rock the vote if they can continue to make money off people that dont know there true intentions to leave this city.

    If Webber wants to talk, he should talk about how he allowed his restaurant into a club in a effort to be more money hungry. it attracted robbers and gangs which ultimately got a man killed because of a lack of security.

  11. Bob says:

    Grant is a POS why do they keep that Stupid MF’ER anyways.

  12. Whitey says:

    Well, Bob, they keep him because tremendous talents like yourself are too expensive to hire.

  13. stephen says:

    1140 should give Grant the boot, and bring back the rise guys in his spot. Anybody else feel the same?

    1. Hank A. says:

      I just wish they’d put Michael Sorce ( *sp ? ), err, I mean Don Geronimo, back in the afternoon slot of noon to four and then put Jim Rome back in his original slot of nine to noon.
      IMO, Carmichael Dave, while not the beat broadcaster on the planet, would do nicely in that “NY TOOL” Napear’s spot !

      1. Hank A, says:

        I meant to say “while not the BEST broadcaster on the planet”. Damn typos !

  14. Whitey says:

    Stephen, Grant’s ratings are what keep him on the air. And by the way, the Rise Guys left on their own… nobody pushed them out the door. Maybe if you offered to supplement their salaries?

  15. Dan says:

    This was not a rant only. TNT national broadcast was the biggest and best chance to get national exposure on the success the mayor’s office has had. If they had done even the smallest amount of research regarding the possible ballot initiative that took place last week they would have known that the vote was a success. This would have taken two seconds…given the amount of work he has put into this process, Napear has good right to be angry. Reggie Miller paid even more disrespect to this hard work by saying that Kevin Johnson was doing political posturing. He was trying to cover the stupid remarks and questions drawn by his sister. NONE OF THEM HAD A CLUE WHAT WAS GOING ON! TNT should issue a formal apology, no question.

  16. He made a Big OOPS in hoops says:

    Just like the timeout attempt in college and his restaurant, announcing is just a BIG FAIL for Webber. Reality sucks when you realize you’re a one-trick pony.

  17. cwebb4me says:

    Whitey its also obvious your ok with Grants introduction to the conversation of “you people at TNT”

    Whitey get your facts straight SHOW ME what Grant has done for this city … then show me what CWebb has done for this city??? Unfortunately Chris cant save NBA in SAC as much as he cant save Grant’s radio show!!!!!!!

    1. fan56 says:

      With all due respect to Webber, being a great player and involving himself in arena matters doesn’t automatically exempt him from criticism, especially when he makes a potentially damaging mistake

      As others have pointed out, if TNT OR WEBBER had done a MINIMUM amount of research, they would have known the real vote. And the truth is, in terms of NBA money, national perception does matter in the arena deal, so Webber & TNT could have done actual damage to the new arena plan.

      And as for Grant’s “you people at TNT” intro? Grow up. Webber made a mistake and should be able to own up to it, instead of throwing a hissy fit when he is confronted with criticism.

      1. cwebb4me says:

        so now you blame TNT HYSTERICAL!!!! blame the morons in this town!!!

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