GRANITE BAY (CBS13) — A man suspected of burglarizing several Granite Bay homes by kicking in the front door is now behind bars.

jason rogers Granite Bay Burglary Suspect Behind Bars

Jason Earl Rogers

Jason Earl Rogers, 30, of Citrus Heights was originally arrested by El Dorado County Sheriff’s detectives, who reportedly discovered a large amount of stolen property during a search of his home on Feb. 2.

El Dorado detectives contacted Placer County detectives, who joined in the search of Rogers’ home and found property belonging to several Granite Bay victims.

Rogers is suspected of several burglaries over the past few months in which he kicked in front doors and stole jewelry.

Because of the large volume of cases in Placer County, Rogers was extradited there Friday and booked into the Placer County Jaile. He is being kept on a no-bail parole hold.

Comments (3)
  1. Whitey says:

    Figures… only a white guy would know it makes more sense to rob rich people than the happy folk in Del Paso Heights.

  2. gna says:

    White trash . . . . he would never get out of jail, being white trash which is worse than all other ethnic thieves, his white thieving butt would pay…

    1. Fred says:

      So, its OK to be a crook if you’re not white? Are you on drugs?

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