WOODLAND (CBS13) – A high-speed chase suspect who crashed her SUV into a tree at a Woodland home has died.

crashed into tree Hit And Run Driver Killed After Her SUV Slams Into Tree

Credit: Matt Casias

At around 4:30 p.m. Monday police reported the woman was involved in a traffic accident and fled the scene. Her SUV was spotted a short time later by the Woodland police chief, who started to follow it. He abandoned the chase though after the SUV accelerated to 90 mph and became too dangerous to pursue.

Watch raw video

A short time later, the SUV apparently lost control and left the road, turned sideways and hit a tree in the front yard of a home at 1617 College St. The driver, a female, became trapped inside the vehicle.

“When it hit you could kind of see it just wrap around, and then all this debris flying. It was just crazy
,” said Matt Casias who witnessed the crash.

The SUV was wrapped partially around the tree with its tires hanging in mid-air.

“We heard this loud crash. We though the whole house was caving in,” said Charlotte VanAtta. “We weren’t sure exactly what was going on.

Charlotte and her husband were inside when the SUV came barreling onto their front law and nearly into their home.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. You could practically feel the impact on your chest from where we were at,” said neighbor Mariah Cochran.

Police are not releasing the name of that driver tonight. They will only say she was a Woodland resident.

Comments (17)
  1. elliott the Cat says:

    Every Genius on the HWY thinks there the best driver.

    Share the road with your local friends and family.

    Just because your in a hurry doesn’t mean someone’s less then you.

    Just because someone drives slower then you doesn’t give the right to fight them.

    There’s many boxing gyms out there if you want to test your skills .

    Slow down, treat people with respect and realize people have a lot on there plate .You never know when someone returned home from war , had a family member pass or a medical issue……Look at what you have been through in your own life and show some self control .

  2. luanne says:

    So many people believe they are “above” the law. THis woman was already in an accident and fled the scene, then trying to outrun the Police, she damn near kills herself in another accident. I hope they nail this one good, she obviously needs to take traffic school over again because she apparently forgot what she learned the first time through!! You do not leave the scene of an accident, whether you caused it or not, whether you are hurt or not. You do not try to outrun the Police when they turn their lights on behing you; they are doing their job and you need to do yours – pull over as soon as safe, turn off your engine, and then quietly what for further instruction. Stop being an idiot!!

    1. luanne says:

      sorry, typo, that should say “behind you”, no behing!! And not “what”, but “wait”! my bad.

      1. luanne says:

        I’m such a S.L.ut

    2. Matt says:

      What do you mean “damn near”?? She did kill herself!

    3. jlo says:

      Somehow I don’t think she needs or will be attending traffic school…she died in the accident.
      Thankfully she didn’t harm or kill any innocent bystanders while driving like an idiot.

    4. Miguel says:

      dude shes dead whats to get read the article before you comment on it

  3. xing says:

    I had crossed trhe street w/my daughter on a bicycle 30 seconds before this idiot whizzed past at a good 90MPH – followed by 3 cop cars (2 plainsclothes) in hot pursuit.

  4. . termite says:

    I think she learned her lesson , it better to be alive in jail than dead in the morgue .It’s the old saying speed kills cars don’t. via con dios .

    1. Matt says:

      She IS in the morgue. What are you talking about? Read the headline & first sentence.

      1. . termite says:

        Well you can’t read either, Learned her lesson , better alive than dead in the morgue. DUH ! this was taken from the movie Full Metal Jacket , When Joker was looking at the bodies in the pit. Wake up , smell something , besides your armpits .

  5. BlackMAN says:

    So, was it a guy driving or a girl driving? Everyone is saying it’s a female, but the news cast said it was a male… and in the raw video, it sounds like there’s a girl screaming for her life while Woodland PD stands there, doing nothing. 2 cop cars pulled up and did NOTHING, but let her scream and die, Woodland PD for you.

    1. timatoe says:

      That’s about the most ignorant comment made. It’s clear from the video the screaming was not coming from the vehicle but from bystanders. Yep the cops did nothing except run up to a car that was smoking when someone else yelled it was on fire. 90 mph into a tree, she was likely dead before anyone got there.

  6. Woodlandresident says:

    BlackMan I dont think that was her screaming, I think it was her family crying. Apparently they lived near by and witnessed this all go down. Shame she did this and killed herself. Speeding through town at 90 mph is a huge accident waiting to happen. Kids were around at the time too, so glad they did not get hurt by her.

  7. Life is hard when your stupid says:


  8. Wesley Bates says:

    I can’t beleive it there is some justice after all, even when it is just luck. caus Stone Cold sezzzzzz sooooooo. SC

  9. Clarissa barton says:

    Wow u ppl have nun better to do then run ur mouth about somebodys loved one who passed away u dont no wat she was goin through i feel for her family she was my gf and i love an miss her so much so all u lames and fakes have some respect forr her mother and her family. Grow up and think wat if it was ur kid u woodnt be sayin the stuff ur sayin i love and miss u wezzy R.I.P the love and memorys we shared lll never forget ur my everything ur with billy now i got my guarden angels now wezzy and billy my love and my brother

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