SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The Sacramento city council took another big step in building a new arena on Tuesday night.

“We’ll take it; we’ll take it. A win is a win,” said Mayor Kevin Johnson.

Many in the packed chambers gave the vote a standing ovation, with Kings fans sporting matching white shirts.

“A week ago we were 5-4, we got the win barely. A 9-0 vote sends a strong message,” said Johnson.

This night’s 9-0 vote did nothing to green-light an arena. It merely kept the planning process from coming to an end.

It was a concern for arena supporters after private parking critic Sandy Sheedy led a failed effort last week to allow a public vote on the matter that would have forced the city to miss the NBA March deadline.

“It’s been a long time with no figures. We keep moving along on a whim,” said Sheedy.

“What’s being told here is dissension within the ranks. It is a love hate relationship on the city council, no question about it,” said Sacramento political strategist Doug Elmets.

But even those inside the arena negotiations are admitting this deal is nowhere done.

Fans are still a long way from an arena win. But tonight, at least, supporters didn’t lose.

We found out Mayor Johnson texted NBA commissioner David Stern right after the vote with the news.

Comments (7)
  1. KevinTheGreat! says:

    wow…a TRIUMPH!! a TRIUMPH of optimism over reality…congrats Kevin you’ve pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes yet again. Sacramento is well on its way to municipal insolvency…


    Sacramento is already insolvent! This purported Mayor has an obsession called ArenaKevinitis. ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! And why can’t we vote on how the City would spend ‘parking’ dollars? Those monies are meant for non-arena services. Look into the mirror and ask yourself, “How many times have I been to PB (Arco) Arena in the last year, 2 years, 3 years? Consider that Sacramento County holds 1+million people, and this arena can’t even sell out $10 ‘nose-bleed’ tickets. This ‘support’ group is only a needle in a hay stack! It’s time we say, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! NO. NO. NO KEVIN!”

    1. Zuriel says:

      I asked myself and I went to 4 last year. 6 so far this year and am going to another in March to see the Clippers. Remember the sold out crowd for Black Thursday? Remember sold out crowd on opening day? Remember how happy those people were in the arena to see their team back at PBP? You need more friends person. Cause the friends I have, I don’t even know their names, but they are packing that arena every day.

  3. Susie says:

    Lets get this deal done!!!

  4. John Buza says:

    I vote for a revitalized downtown Sacramento! I vote for more jobs and a thriving downtown that building a new entertainment and sports facility will surely bring for us all to enjoy! It’s time that those that care about the future of Sacrameto to step up and respond to the endless stream of negativity thrown out there by the small minded who hate the Maloofs and the idea of revitalization.
    Go Kings!!

    John B

  5. BumFightThursdays! says:

    “new entertainment and sports facility” – why so we can start hosting bum fights? or crack wh*re bingo? this won’t revitalize down town – all it will do make getting in/out of downtown a freaking mess…

  6. arenanow says:

    The article contains a significant error. Are some of the people in white shirts also Kings fans. Yes. It is also true that some of them are not Kings fans at all. The group is a regionally formed number of people that are behind getting a new arena built in Sacramento.

    This is about much more than basketball. I’m a grandmother that would like to take my grandkids to ice shows, the circus, concerts and maybe NCAA reguional tournaments again.

    FANS = Fund Arena Now Sacramento. We are fans of the city of Sacramento and want to see the dowtown reviralized and able to generate a lot of revenue for the vity as well as revive a downtown too long domoinated by dreary government building, empty at night.

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