JACKSON (CBS13) – Typically it’s a man’s world, but not at AFT Customs motorcycle shop in Jackson.

“They think I’m crazy,” one of the women said. “Most of the time they’re like ‘Yeah right, you’re too pretty for that.”

More than a pretty face, these ladies get their hands dirty.

“They always say ‘let me see your hands’ and they almost just don’t believe you,” Cyndi Calistro said.

But it is women helping to build world-renowned custom motorcycles at this shop.

A former waitress, Calistro now has five bikes under her belt and is a certified welder.

“I think that women are better at it because we have a steadier hand and we are more patient,” she said.

Owner Jim Giuffra says he began employing women seven years ago as models for his motorcycles.

“It kinda went into them helping little bit with the bikes and every time they came in to do more,” he said. “They’re talented.

Sarah Harrah is also a full-time dental hygienist but works on bikes for a hobby.

“I love it,” she said. “It’s fun. It’s extremely empowering. Most people we meet don’t have any idea we do this.”

As for the product, Giuffra said it’s top notch.

“The finished product is just as good as you can see as anybody out there,” he said.


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