It’s Thursday and that means only one thing. Sean Salisbury!

Dave started out the show by taking your calls regarding the Kings loss to the Linsanity driven Knicks.

Sean joined Dave to talked about the recent changes in the Monday Night Football announce booth as Ron Jaworski was relieved of his duties, also the possibility of Sean maybe going up in the booth. They discussed how dominant football is in America as the #1 sport. Also we finally learn the answer to the question that everyone wants to know. Is Sean an MMA guy? Sean talks about Tim Tebow, Jeremy Linn and Peyton Manning as well.

UFC fighter and local boy TJ Dillashaw finished up the show by talking about his dominant performance last night on the 1st UFC on Fuel. They talked about his fight preparations, as well as whats next for not only him but also the rest of his Team Alpha Male Teammates.


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