RIO LINDA (CBS13) – Last month CBS13 reported about a 3-year-old hospitalized after a vicious pit bull attack. The boy’s father claimed the dog was a stray.

It turns out, Animal Control says, he was lying. The dog was his.

Animal Control say something didn’t seem right when officers spoke to the little boy’s dad about the attack, but it wasn’t until our story aired that the truth finally came out.

“After your story aired we received more tips regarding the situation,” Animal Control’s Ruben Hernandez said.

Those tips led to uncovering a father’s lies, according to Animal Control.

“The dog just jumped on him right there.” That was Josh Lewis’ story last month, talking about a pit bit bull attacking his son.

It sparked an intense two-week search by animal control for the vicious stray in the Rio Linda neighborhood. But Animal Control says it quickly grew suspicious because of the dad’s behavior…

“He also didn’t act like a parent that had their child attacked by a stray dog,” Hernandez said.

Animal control also says when officers found a dog matching the description of the pit, Lewis changed his story.

“He changed it a few times as far as the description and location of the dog,” Hernandez said.

Lewis wasn’t home Friday, but a woman was and she threatened to punch CBS13 reporter Maria Medina.

“I’m about to sock you bro. Get the **** out of here,” she said.

Lewis was a little more responsive to our questions. In a phone interview, he says he finally admitted to Animal Control officers that the pit was actually his, but then said that was a lie as well.

“I did so they would go away, but I mean technically it isn’t my dog,” he said over the phone.

Lewis told Animal Control that he got rid of the dog somewhere in Rio Linda after it bit his son.

“He said that he was fearful about the dog being picked up and the cost associated with it,” Hernandez said.

Lewis now has been cited for the incident and could face up to a year in jail if convicted.

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  1. betty says:


    1. Jaloney says:

      Amen. Pitbulls have the worst safety rating of any dog. Why buy safe toys and put your kid in a car seat and then bring a pitbull into your home. Maulings by other dogs are rare. Pitbull maulings are so frequent news stations don’t even give them much attention anymore. Its all about ratings. Sad.

      1. Casey A. Rozelle says:

        how do you know!!! i bet you live by the web and ratings of OTHER people and dont even own one!! my pitbull died a sweet shy dog, and she never even bit a person. i mean, she was afraid of a fly, you have no right to judge. plus , they said themselves, they still dont know the story of the guy exactly

  2. Phil says:

    Wow another story of a Pit bull attacking a child? Is this really a surprise to anyone? How many of these stories do we have to read about before people wake up?? Pit bulls and kids do not mix.. What is the draw for owning a pit bull? Does it prove you’re BADDD? Don’t mess with me I own a Pit bull? People need to expand their knowledge on animals, there are other dogs out there that will protect with out attacking the kids…

    1. Renda Luvaas says:

      I own the breed because I do not shear your thoughts regarding Pit Bulls. First, they are not good at protection. There are many breeds that are much better for that. At my age being “bad” isn’t even on my list. I don’t have many who want to mess with me …again due to my age I’m sure. As a female and a grandmother I find the breed as a whole has many positive qualities. They are loving, easy to groom, smart, so very easy to train, and clowns at heart. Now their looks can be scary to some but I don’t pick my pets on looks I get what best fits what I want and many times in my life if has come in the form of a Pit Bull. You see what your seeking in other breeds. To each their own. That’s why there are so many to chose from to begin with.

      1. Renda Luvaas says:


  3. reb says:

    this story is not about a pit bull attacking a kid. it is about a stupid owner who doenst know how to raise a pet of any kind and keep his child safe. no animal is safe for a child if the adults are too stupid to train and take safety precautions!

    1. Jaloney says:

      Daral Napora was a pitbull advocate who talked the same talk and said it is all in how they are rasied. Hers was unabused and loved from the time she got it as a puppy. DENIAL is deadly. Her pitbull mauled her to death. Why don’t pitbull advocates ever speak her name? Pitbulls do a 180 much more often than other breeds. It is family raised and loved pitbulls that are mauling.50 to 70 percent of all pitbulls adopted are brought into shelters VOLUNTARILY by their owners to be put down. People have problems with this breed obviously. You can’t train out genes.

      1. Casey A. Rozelle says:

        what would you say if it was a sweet golden retriever???? i bet you would say that they are lieing and its actually a pit bull, or you would defend them!!

  4. Jamie says:

    Uggh…another disgusting pig who don’t wants to take responsiblity…

  5. Renda Luvaas says:

    Here is another story of a brainless owner. Because of this mans actions his son is injured and he dumped the dog leaving the chance of another person to become injured. This is why some people just shouldn’t own dogs let alone have children!

  6. Renda Luvaas says:

    There are many unanswered questions in The Napora story. I will speak her name. In my personal opinion I find the whole story strange. It is shocking to say the least. The behavior of some involved was beyond odd. However, this is one that I have a complete lack of defense for unless I am going to guess at what may have happened and out of respect for her family I chose not to do that. May Pit Bull owners should never own a dog of any kind (as this story proves) One of the favorite pass times, of people who are anti-Pit Bull , is posting studies about what kind of people own Pit Bulls and your fellow BSL group supporters say we are all thugs, druggies, and dogfighters, You peers have even gone as far to say we stock and threaten your lives. Isn’t that why your posting under one of your false names? I stand by what I say and post with my given name. The fact that the behaviour and temperament of ‘pit bull’ breeds have received very little empirical study.Can you give me one comprehensive studies of the biology or ethology of pit bull breeds that supports you claim about the genetics of the Pit Bull?

    1. Casey A. Rozelle says:

      i said it in the wrong place, anyway, PREACH IT LADY!!

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