SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A woman whose badly burned body was found in Discovery Park earlier this week has been identified.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s office has identified the victim as Sharion Renay King, 43, of Sacramento.

Her cause of death is unlisted.

King’s burning body was first reported by a bicyclist in Discovery Park who thought the fire was a pile of burning leaves.

robert thompson UPDATE: Parents Mourn Woman Whose Body Was Found Burned In Park

Robert Thompson (credit: Sacramento Police)

The next day, police arrested 36-year-old Robert Thompson on a felony charge of murder.

Police will only say Thompson and King were acquaintances. King’s parents told CBS13’s Derek Shore that they’d been dating after meeting online.

Ruby Hudson, King’s stepmother, and her husband, Cliff, are unable to comprehend what happened to their daughter.

“You have no right to take a life like that,” Ruby told CBS13. “I just can’t see how anybody would burn somebody.”

Her parents say Sharion, nicknamed “Sunny,” had recently met Thompson Internet dating.

“I told Sunny time and time and time again to stay off of that Internet,” Ruby said. “She was just wanting somebody to really love her.”

But they would have no idea it would turn out like this.

“They said she had upper body trauma and stuff, so I knew Sunny was fighting for her life,” Ruby said.

But the question remains, why set another person on fire? Her parents believe Thompson was after Sunny’s money and got mad when she wouldn’t hand it over.

Theories, but no hard answers, as they mourn not only the loss of their daughter, but Cliff now is without a companion. Sunny was employed as a home health care worker to help her dad, who is blind.

“It’s cruel,” he said.

A woman who they say was friendly and bright, taken in a gruesome and heinous act.

“I miss her already, I miss my baby,” Ruby said. “I miss my baby so much.”

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  1. FLOP says:


    I know being lonely is a b*tch but for the love of your loved ones and yourself, have some common sense before you start making your blind decisions and hooking up with any man that shows any interest in you!!

    Not worth it!!!

  2. JMHO says:

    This is so sad. My heart goes out to Ms. King’s family and friends.

  3. Cmornos says:

    This is so sad. Lets just hope she was gone when this terrible man attempted to get rid of her body. I feel so bad for her family having to imagine what she went through. No one, victim or parents should ever have to deal with this kind of tragedy. Condolences to the family.

  4. JMHO says:

    Why “Andy?” Because “Andrew” sounds too mature and intelligent?

    1. JMHO says:

      You can delete my comment, which addressed a racist remark that has already been deleted. Thank you.

  5. hsmith says:

    So sad. Sorry for your loss.

  6. ms chocolate says:

    My heart goes out to the family.. i lost my friend La’Trenda Mangram to an idiot in 2003..I dodged a bullet I myself dated this nut in 99, thank God i seen he was touched an not wit an angel.. robert if u did this you no u are heartless, glad i was smart enough to lve you alone fast, not slow

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