SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Wesley Shermantine, one of the speed freak killers, is asking for thousands of dollars to reveal where more bodies are buried.

On Monday Bounty hunter Leonard Padilla signed his first check for Shermantine. It’s a $2,000 payment for information leading authorities to victims’ remains. And if the convicted serial killer keeps talking, the bounty hunter says he’ll send more.

“I’ve never really set a limit on it,” said Padilla.

The payment is going out after CBS13 received a letter from Shermantine stating the money he was promised was never sent to San Quentin.

“For the record, I see Leonard Padilla claiming he has paid me $33,000. As of today, Leonard Padilla has not paid me a dime,” said Shermantine.

Padilla says Shermantine called yesterday apologizing for the demanding tone of the letter.

“He says: ‘I’m sorry about the way that the situation sounded as far as the, I haven’t gotten a dime,’” said Padilla

Padilla says Shermantine wants the money to pay for his parents’ grave markers, to support his kids, and to buy things on death row.

“Toothpaste, just hygiene things,” said Padilla.

“Defendants on death row have many more benefits than they do in the general population,” said attorney Donald Heller.

Death row inmates cost taxpayers three times more than general population inmates, according to attorney Heller. He wrote California’s death penalty in 1977, and now wants it repealed because of the expense.

Heller says death row inmates housed at San Quentin State Prison enjoy far too many perks they don’t deserve.

“Foods are better, they have their own personal TVs, they have a room to themselves, they have better visitation, they have better accommodations,” said Heller.

Comments (9)
  1. sassafras says:

    Good, if he gets the money he can be charged for all the grave digging going on.

    1. Shirl says:

      You are so right ..he should not get a dime the money Padilla promised him should go to the costs of what this idiot has caused…Padilla needs to get a brain also

  2. jeff says:

    forget that , give that pig the juice and do it slowly

  3. jeff says:

    that or hang him and let one foot drag this creeps execution should last for at least a month if not two

    the idea of paying killers makes me sick

    1. GOLDFINGER says:

      Me too but it has to be this way for now. Families need closure and bodies need to be found. It is sad to say but Shermantine holds the cards for this one and we have to play along.

  4. jeff says:

    Him partner in crime did the right thing and hung him self

  5. Mr. GOLDFINGER says:

    RE: Sheriff Steve Moore

    In his last press conference, Sheriff Steve Moore was solo, by himself.
    This time, I would like to see his people standing behind him.
    Backing him up and showing a solid support within the sheriffs department.
    The last press conference was a disaster. Remember, this case has gotten national attention and will be for some time.

  6. stan atkinson says:

    Hopefully someone slits his throat ear to ear.

  7. Jenny says:

    they will take out 55 percent of the 2000 to go towards what his restitution is if he had any restitution owed. That would be in the minutes from his sentencing.

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