SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Lives have been lost and families torn apart. Now there’s a push to make crosswalks in Sacramento safer.

A recent rash of pedestrians getting hit by cars has cops asking everyone to be cautious. The worry is that these pedestrians are being hit in crosswalks.

“It’s too late. It’s too late, something should have been done,” said Mary Murigi.

The sorrow, pain, and frustration are still fresh for Mary Murigi whose 16-year-old daughter, Michelle, was killed in a crosswalk last month while walking home from school.

“There was no reason at all for this to happen, it’s a crosswalk,” said Mary.

Now exactly one month later, police are investigating another pedestrian run over in a crosswalk. On Sunday a 45-year-old man was critically injured walking across Stockton Boulevard. The driver did not stop.

“Sacramento, like all cities, needs to do more,” said Terry Peterson with the group Walk Sacramento.

The recent tragedies have pedestrian advocates calling for change. Police conduct periodic crosswalk stings, citing drivers who do not stop. But Terry says that’s not enough.

“Our roads lack sidewalks, crosswalks, adequate treatments going back to the issue of Michelle. What can you do to slow down speed? Speed kills,” said Terry.

And beyond education, walking advocates say it’s really things like marked crosswalks with a button signaling cars to stop. In response, city leaders are creating a task force to make Sacramento more walkable. So far, there are no firm plans in place.

Mary is now hoping her daughter’s death will help remind people to slow down, and hopes it will force politicians to focus on preventing another needless tragedy.

“Did she have to die for it to be a wake up call? She did not,” said Mary.

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  1. laurie209 says:

    I have noticed many crosswalks not clearly marked in my city. Many are not painted regularly.
    I have had a concern for a long time. When someone uses the crosswalk, they start across the street and never look up or side to side. It appears that they feel that they are protected by an invisible shield. Some have headphones on, some are walking with children and not holding their hand and others appear to be oblivious to the traffic.
    Please people, remind yourself, tell your family members, friends and especially teen and children to watch the traffic when crossing. A crosswalk in not a guarantee that one can make it to the other side of the road.

  2. Humanist says:

    It’s simple…horrible completely unaware drivers who don’t pay attention to anything but the phone they should have off while driving. Combined with stupid pedestrians who are not paying attention because they are checking the phone that should be in his or her’s pocket while walking. PUT THE PHONE AWAY AND PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE.

  3. Hank A. says:

    If you want to keep people who are walking safe you need to get tough with all these idiots who talk on their cell phones and text while driving. First time, take the vehicle away from them for one year. Second time, take the vehicle away permanently !

  4. commen cents says:

    1st, sorry for the loss of life. But a couple things we all need to know here since we’re all in this situation one time or another. When driving we need to watch out for the people walking in front of our vehicle and not assume theyt are papying attention to us, the human operated machine that smashes flesh and bnes. When walking in front of a moving vehicle we need to pay attention that the person driving is paying attention to us, that they will stop, and if they don’t stop, then stop walking in front of them. If this occurs, try to get the license plate and report it.

  5. MJ says:

    What does Michelle’s death have to do with illegal aliens? She was an honor student at West Campus with a bright future. She probably would have had more to contribute to the future of society than obviously you ever will. Bigot. People don’t slow down on Fruitridge Road. It was tragic and senseless.

  6. SM says:

    FYI the victim here was not an illegal alien and it is a shame and really digusting to read this kind of comment with reard to this horor tragedy.

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