SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Backers of California’s same-sex marriage ban say they will ask a federal appeals court in San Francisco to review the split decision by three of its judges that struck down the voter-approved law.

Andy Pugno, legal counsel for the Protect Marriage Coalition, says the backers elected to appeal to a bigger 9th Circuit panel and against going directly to the U.S. Supreme Court to seek the reversal of the opinion that Proposition 8 violates the civil rights of gay and lesbian

Lawyers for the religious and legal groups that qualified the ban for the 2008 ballot had faced a Tuesday deadline for petitioning the 9th U.S. Court of Appeals to rehear the 2-1 ruling issued two weeks ago.

The move means same-sex marriages will remain on hold at least until the 9th Circuit decides to accept or reject the rehearing petition.

Comments (5)
  1. Christian says:

    Marriage is an overtly and time honored religous ceremony. If the gay marriage people insist it’s for benefits why aren’t civil unions good enough? Is it just to try and mainstream the gay lifestyle like the push for legalizing drugs? Is this the back channel way to tear down the moral fabric of American Society?

    1. kingsfan says:

      keep your morals out of other peoples lives and keep your bigotry to yourself. America is about equal rights

  2. vanillalattelover"HOT" says:

    Endangered morals and values everywhere in this country thanks to a minut group of ultra liberal gays and corrup government officials that liberal homosexuals support.

  3. FLOP says:

    Any of you two ever heard of “Equality for ALL” Consider the situation if it was turned around and you were on the short end of the stick? Betch you’d be singing a different tune then!!

  4. david says:

    don’t care who marries who or what. as long as taxpayer monies aren’t used to support them then why should anyone care? people get married but don’t stay married until death do they part, married people cheat on each other, who cares? if the divorce rate was down real low like less than 1% of the 300+ million population of the USA then maybe marriage could be viewed as something special. but since divorce rate is so high obviously marriage is nothing serious. men used to have mulitple wives and concubines in antiquity and before that no one married.

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