SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento police have confirmed a deadly murder-suicide outside the smud headquarters Tuesday night was motivated by a love triangle.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s Office identified the victim as 62-year-old Jerome Votaw and the suspect as 73-year-old Robert Gully.

Police say Votaw was having an affair with Gully’s estranged wife.

Linda Sherwood says her next-door neighbor’s wife packed up her car and left for good.

“Maybe four, five months ago his wife left him and I had heard that she was with someone,” she said.

Linda flipped on the news Tuesday night and thought, “I just wondered in my own mind, could it be?”

Her neighbor was usually home at night but not Tuesday night.

“His vehicle still isn’t there, which is strange,” she said.

And it never came back.

Police say the men were part of a model airplane club meeting in a rented conference room at the business and not employees of SMUD.

murder suicide UPDATE: Murder Suicide Stemmed From Love Triangle

Jerome Votaw (left), Robert Gully (right)<br>Police say Gully shot and killed Votaw before turning the gun on himself.

The shooting happened around 7:20 p.m., at SMUD’s campus at 6210 S Street.

Gully apparently got into an argument with his estranged wife, Glenda Gully and Votaw in the parking lot of the building. At some point, Gully pulled out a gun and shot Votaw, according to police.

“They were friends, longtime friends. It’s a tragedy,” said Steve Brown, who knew both men from flying model planes with them. “Some people just aren’t as stable as the rest of us.”

Gully then chased and shot at his wife n as she ran into the lobby of the SMUD building, according to police. She was not hit. Gully then returned to the parking lot where he fatally shot himself.

Sherwood says the Gully was mired in depression ever since his wife left.

“For a long time he didn’t go out,” she said. “He’d be home, his sons would come over, people would bring him groceries. He’d just begun going out recently.”

Detectives are looking for what may have sent the shooter over the edge.

Comments (13)
  1. nothingchanges says:

    California is a meat grinder, Some can hang some flip out.

  2. Dianne says:

    Hmmmm to bad that the common denominator in the love triangle isn’t one of the victims-now she has neither lover.
    Not justifying what the suspect did but when emotions run high and deep as they seem to have because another causes deception as she did that close to home-it does not surprise me.
    With the economy and stresses of living day to day in general today, we are unfortunately are going to see more rage crimes as it is only going to get worse and they won’t just be over a jilted love triangle it will be more simplier things..

    1. jerseycat07503 says:

      you are a brain dead b===h,what is wrong with you,your to bad comments shows a total lack of brain or heart

  3. Jeff Spicoli says:

    That airplane glue will do that to you gotta quit huffing that stuff

  4. Linda says:

    Police were looking for what might have caused him to go over the edge. Really? Seems like his wife leaving him and being with someone else was what did it.

  5. . termite says:

    I mean , why do the police always look for a cause , two people dead , what set him off has no relevance except two people are dead. Doesn’t make any difference why , the shooter is dead , what can they do to him or make what happened change ..

  6. Whitey says:

    Well said, Linda. I hope police aren’t spending a whole bunch of time racking their brains on it. I’d say the fact that a fatter, uglier guy was banging my wife would do it for me.

  7. An old co-worker says:

    I worked with Bob Gully for a few years at the Dept. of General Services. I knew he and Glenda very well. Glenda was very young and gorgeous when they got together many years ago. Its ashame.

  8. The Whole Truth says:

    Why did you delete the comment by DeAnne M which showed the REAL Bob Gully? HE was the problem, not his wife nor their friend. From one who has known them for more than 28 years.

    1. DeAnne M says:

      I am amazed that they would delete my comments. I was afraid of him. I’m sure there are many others. As usual, it’s more important to protect the criminal than the victim. Unbelievable.

  9. Bob and Jerry's friend says:

    All 3 of these people are my friends and I have known them for at least the last 15 years. Jerry was an avid modeler and was an Icon at our club. I worked at the hobby store with both of Jerry’s daughters for almost 5 years. I was the guy who recomended that Bob should be hired as the the stores security guard because Bob was a retired Stanislaus County Sherrifs Deputy and Bob continued to work there for many years after I left. Contrary to some of the reports, Bob and Jerry were indeed friends for many years. They went on fishing trips together, Hunting trips, Crystal hunting, I think even gold panning trips. Bob and Glenda appeared to be the perfect couple. It seemed that they loved and trusted each other beyond any couple I had ever seen. When you saw them together, you would say “Now that’s how to be married” and in all the years I knew them I never once seen Bob show any kind of signs that he was an abuser or that he was ever jelous of anything Glenda did. My Father was a flight instructor for our club and taught Bob how to fly his models. Bob and Glenda were always involved in helping run our events. The man who saved Glenda’s life and talked Bob into going back into the parking lot was Jerry’s best friend for decades. My point is that we were all like family. No one in our circle of friends would ever believe somthing like this could have happened and these were the last people I would ever think would be involved with somthing like this. Over the years I went to Bob and Glenda’s for parties, thanksgiving dinner, and just to visit. Jerry was also my good friend and we shared many good times and laughs. This is a horrible tragedy and like others in our group I am haveing a great deal of trouble wraping my head around what happened to our friends. I hate Bob for what he did. It is unforgivable and he has devistated the lives of hundreds of people beyond the two people he wanted to destroy including his own family. I don’t pretend to know the reason or what caused Bob to do what he did. and none of you commenters can say you know why either. Even the people closest to them really don’t know what happened. All I know is that 2 of my good friends are dead, and a third friend was almost killed. so before you make glib comments, or start pileing on and make Bob a wife beating abusing control monster murderer, Realize that Bob and Glenda were married for more than 25 years….If he was an abuser, then why is this the first time anyone knew about it? Bob was a father and a grandfather and a husband. Jerry was also a father and a husband and both of them were well loved by their family and friends. This truly is a great loss for all involved . I understand that relatives on both sides are hurt and angry. Slandering Bob is not going to bring them back. I’m not saying that the statements about Bob being an abuser is not true, I am saying that none of that matters now. None of us that knew them ever intervined to prevent this if they knew Bob was an abuser. I myself knew of their break up (No Details) and I talked to Bob on the phone a few days before it happned. I knew Bob was depressed over Glenda leaving him but I thought he would get over it just like all of my other friends including myself when their wifes leave them. So maybe we should all take a little blame. If Glenda’s sister knew of abuse, why didn’t she take some sort of action?

    over the past 3 years I have lost alot of my friends and relatives from just plain old age, heart attacks, Cancer. and it is very sad to loose people that you love. the difference is that those people died of natural causes. this is the first time I have had to cope with the death of 2 of my friends via one friend murderering one of my other friends and then killing himself. This hit me very hard and I hope anyone else that wants to make comments will concider what I have said before they make comments on people that they never knew. Rest in peace my friends you will truly be missed and will always be in my heart.

    1. .. says:


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