SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Hiram Johnson girls basketball team just wrapped up a winless season, but their story is a life lesson for anyone thinking about giving up.

The team has had some challenges, to put it mildly. They’ve lost close to 50 consecutive games, and some of the scores this season were absurdly lopsided: 72-8, 71-3, even 105-2.

“Even though we got beat all the time, we never gave up,” team member Selestina Zorn said.

They get knocked around and sometimes disrespected, but they just won’t cave in to the critics. They rally around the wounded and press on.

“The lesson learned was never give up,” Zorn said.

And don’t think they don’t fight because they did. It’s just, yeah, getting the ball in the basket that can be a little challenging.

“We have a really good coach and she cares about the team,” Zorn said.

It’s their coach, Jeanie Huizar, who never lets them get discouraged. She tells them to forget about their past losses and helps them focus on overcoming present and future obstacles.

“Perseverance, hard work, determination,” Huizar said.

Virtues for victory, just not yet. “Just patience too, she said. “Just patience, patience.”

The girls are on the court because they keep their grades up in the classroom. Huizar said several girls who tried out were ineligible.

Despite all the losses, Zorn said the team bonded.

“We became a family,” she said. “It was hard but I grew to love my team.”

“It’s been a wild ride, that’s for sure,” Huizar said.

The losing season is finally over, but the love and life lessons continue.

“Physically I’m drained, but emotionally I’m attached to these girls,” Huizar said.

“It doesn’t matter that we didn’t win any games,” Zorn said. “We tried our hardest.”


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