SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man apparently high on methamphetamine entered a Sacramento welding shop and then fought with police officers before being arrested.

Sacramento police responded to a call at about 12:30 p.m. Saturday that a naked male Hispanic adult had entered a welding shop in the 1600 block of Juliesse Avenue and was rambling incoherently.

jose ayala1 Naked Man Arrested After Fighting With Officers

Jose Ayala

Shop owner Chris Johnson called police after escorting Jose Ayala, who asked for a job interview, out of his shop.

“I turn around and I’m like ‘whoa!'” Johnson said of seeing the nude man. “He said something about he was looking for work, and he was good with his hands. I didn’t know why a naked dude would be in my shop.”

But Ayala stayed outside the shop, so Johnson called 911 and started filming Ayala.

“I’m like 911, I got ’em for you, look,” he said.

His brother Eric arrived just moments later. “He appeared to be wacked,” Eric said of Ayala. “He was wasted.”

naked guy Naked Man Arrested After Fighting With Officers

Home video shows officers struggling to subdue naked Jose Ayala on Saturday outside a Del Paso Heights welding shop. (credit: CBS13)

When officers arrived and attempted to detain Ayala, he became combative and eventually both officers, a man and a woman, were on the ground wrestling with him when Ayala grabbed onto the female officer’s hair.

That’s when the Johnsons and others jumped in to help the officers out, including one man who held a hamburger in one hand while lending his other to the effort.

“There was like five people on him, still having a hard time holding him down,” Chris said. “There was only so many parts you could grab.”

Ayala was transported to a local hospital and later charged with with resisting arrest, indecent exposure, trying to escape and assault on a police officer.

He was booked into the Sacramento County Jail without bail on an immigration hold.

Comments (203)
  1. lopez mateos says:

    The female cop was hot — but incompetent. Affirmative Acción hire.

    1. Oskar Grant says:

      Women cops are competent…when they are backed up by men. Hell, my grandma could kick ass if she had a professional football team along side her.

    2. Julie says:

      Machismo in acción.

  2. Shepherd says:

    “Johnson brothers”? Oh my.

  3. Danmack says:

    I don’t think this man should have been punished. He should have been immediately given a job and only arrested if he didn’t finish at least one hour of welding in his novel uniform.

    1. Contarian says:

      Burning 5p (6011) rod… I don’t want to think of the damage that would be done to his “stinger”

    2. B Diddy says:

      No need for 911 or other taxpayer funder BS. Some things have a way of taking care of themselves and in thius probably never repeated

    3. .............. says:


  4. Nyuk Nyuk says:

    Sorry Jose, that’s not a welding tool.

  5. Real Rick says:

    Should have handed him a welder with rod and let him sart welding. Would have been hilarious when the sparks landed on his nakedness. Would have been great to put on youtube!

  6. jane anderson says:

    The author of this piece missed his calling. Derek has a promising career as a comedy writer. LOL !

  7. Dan says:

    He should have done that in San francisco. He might have gotten the job. Right State wrong City.

  8. hidflect says:

    Bravo! to the officers who handled this guy with minimum restraint and maximum professionalism. I’m tired of reading about citizens being administered a summary execution by a cop simply because he’s too lazy or indifferent to bother exerting himself in apprehending a suspect.

  9. Uncle Jim says:

    Is that a welding rod or are you just happy to see me?

  10. Mynamejosehimenez says:

    Ah, back to Mexico for the freak !

    1. Ranger01 says:

      Heck, they will probably let him go, set the dude up on Welfare with the county social worker walking him through the system. He will get a dislocated workers status, and an unemployment check till it runs out. Then, he will get set in section 8 housing, with his girlfriend and the 5 kids, given racial preference over a Black or White person who is a bonefide citizen. Then, he will vote for Obama next election while high on drugs.

  11. Finbar says:

    Didn’t want to hide anything during the interview.

  12. Uncle Jim says:

    Is that a female cop? Talk about a rough day at work… Awkward!!!

    1. Jim Dea says:

      Looks like it show bee, home boy.

  13. dunder mifflin says:

    thats why woman dont make good officers

  14. bob says:

    And the kicker is i’ll bet the puke is an illegal too.

  15. Indy says:

    Sounds like a joke. Did you hear the one about about a naked mexican walking into a welding shop looking for job?

    1. rykk says:

      I was going to leave the exact same post, it does sound like a joke

  16. The Bobster says:

    Deport the coackroach…..naked.

  17. Incredulous says:

    He just didn’t have his gear on yet… Welders are notorious nudist. Just sayin…

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