SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man apparently high on methamphetamine entered a Sacramento welding shop and then fought with police officers before being arrested.

Sacramento police responded to a call at about 12:30 p.m. Saturday that a naked male Hispanic adult had entered a welding shop in the 1600 block of Juliesse Avenue and was rambling incoherently.

jose ayala1 Naked Man Arrested After Fighting With Officers

Jose Ayala

Shop owner Chris Johnson called police after escorting Jose Ayala, who asked for a job interview, out of his shop.

“I turn around and I’m like ‘whoa!'” Johnson said of seeing the nude man. “He said something about he was looking for work, and he was good with his hands. I didn’t know why a naked dude would be in my shop.”

But Ayala stayed outside the shop, so Johnson called 911 and started filming Ayala.

“I’m like 911, I got ’em for you, look,” he said.

His brother Eric arrived just moments later. “He appeared to be wacked,” Eric said of Ayala. “He was wasted.”

naked guy Naked Man Arrested After Fighting With Officers

Home video shows officers struggling to subdue naked Jose Ayala on Saturday outside a Del Paso Heights welding shop. (credit: CBS13)

When officers arrived and attempted to detain Ayala, he became combative and eventually both officers, a man and a woman, were on the ground wrestling with him when Ayala grabbed onto the female officer’s hair.

That’s when the Johnsons and others jumped in to help the officers out, including one man who held a hamburger in one hand while lending his other to the effort.

“There was like five people on him, still having a hard time holding him down,” Chris said. “There was only so many parts you could grab.”

Ayala was transported to a local hospital and later charged with with resisting arrest, indecent exposure, trying to escape and assault on a police officer.

He was booked into the Sacramento County Jail without bail on an immigration hold.

Comments (203)
  1. Edwin Buck says:

    Maybe he was just bragging, you think? When I was in the field, one of my troopers was well endowed. And for bragging purposes, he tattooed elephant ears on his thighs, just for bragging purposes mind you. He could be just showing his wares, sort of like advertising.

  2. Peter Griffin says:

    I walk to work at the brewery naked all the time…. Lois thinks it’s hilarious

  3. brian says:

    Did he get the job?

  4. Joe says:

    Who wrote this report? Did anyone proof-read it? Sounds like a 3rd grader wrote it.

    1. Bill King says:

      Oops I did not mean to report this comment it was in error

      1. theywentthataways says:

        There’s this new invention. It’s called punctuation. You know, periods and such. It will help you immeasurably as you go through life.

    2. Jullou says:

      Are you referring to the quoted text???

  5. Mark Carlton says:

    Maybe he just wanted to prove he was the Best Man.

    1. NewOrleansAnn says:

      Too Funny. To be fair, everyone would have to show-and-tell to prove he’s the best.

      Sounds to me like he’s just fulfilling his obligation to continue on unemployment.

      1. SpinSpinSpin says:

        Another made up story compliments of the coup and cover up. Unelected officials took over Washington and the media. We have no democracy, no president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

        Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

  6. un-Tased says:

    I don’t understand. Cops will use a taser to subdue minors, girls already in handcuffs, old ladies, and pretty much anyone who could be apprehended without a taser and poses no physical threat … but the one time when a taser might be useful (a beligerant, combative, naked crack-head) they would rather wrestle with him. Go figure.

    1. WorkingTaxpayer says:

      There are around 800,000 cops in the U.S. and they all don’t think alike. Maybe these cops did not have tasers.

      You are cherry picking isolated incidents and applying to to a group as a whole. Not any different than saying a ___ person robbed me, therefore, all ___ people are thiefs.

      1. johnny whatisname says:

        You’ve got it all figured out…you’re a real fart smeller, aren’t you…

      2. james says:

        You are cherry picking isolated incidents and applying to to a group as a whole.

        That is what cops do. Turn around is fair play.

    2. Skip says:

      Hey, let’s not comment on these officers’ lifestyles! That’s bigoted, and frankly, uncalled-for. Whomever they choose to wrestle naked is strictly between them and the sheets.

    3. burroumb says:

      naked people on meth are very strong and do not feel pain. Our department tazed a naked guy seven times and still had to tackle him. He just ripped the tazer leads out. If you knew anything about tazers, which obviously you don’t, you would know that.

    4. Darla says:

      Boy you hit that one on the head! What about the woman who was tazed for cutting in line and McDonalds. They could have simply cited her for disorderly conduct, but no. They had to make a big huge scene instead of diffusing the situation.

    5. Databyter says:

      Taser relies partly on pain compliance.and is notoriously unreliable against people high on crack or hallucinagens.
      And it wasn’t somuch that he was such a grea tfighter or agressively combative. He just didn’t know where he was or what was happening to him and was responding to an attack on him.
      The reason it looked so hard is because it is very difficult to take down a naked person. There is nothing good to grab and it is easy for naked people to twist out of many holds.

  7. Bobster says:

    They should have let him stick weld. That would have taught him a lesson.

    1. DS says:

      Absolutely! That was my thought. Give the dude a welding hood to protect his eyes…, and then stand back & see how good he is with his hands.

      1. AZFelix says:

        The Drudge Report link to this article read “Naked man walks into welding shop for job interview…”

        And so I clicked on the link to read the rest of the joke. I was looking for the punch line. Your comments were good. With some effort a good joke could still be written.

  8. nugy says:

    looks like an obama dream act candidate.

  9. Chuhyona says:

    This is why we need to leagalize drugs.

    1. blackcurry says:

      Maybe you’d like somebody on drugs performing a brain operation on yiou. The world needs more methamphetamine users in dangerous jobs. LOL

    2. Abner Hale says:

      And legalize spelling lessons.

  10. swcoolbreeze says:

    “Naked man walks into welding shop for job interview…” Great first line for a joke.

    1. rickyrico says:

      “Naked man walks into a welding shop owned by a Mr. Johnson…” Does have possibilities.

  11. Bill King says:

    Competition for The Naked Cowboy in Times Square

  12. The Sage Waitress says:

    Gotta love the guy with the hamburger! LMAO.

    1. Goober says:

      Yeah, he had a bun in each hand.

    2. Count Yob says:

      “Hey, I’ll give you a hand, but I’m busy with the other one. Munch. Munch.”

  13. james says:

    A naked welder? Ouch!

  14. rickyrico says:

    It took 5 people to subdue him and they ran out parts to grab. Wonder what the 5th person had ahold of. Never mind.

  15. San Diego Steve says:

    Watch where you point that welding torch!

  16. Mike says:

    Wow, those cops really suck at the leg step takedown maneuver.

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