SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Many across Sacramento are cheering the news of a new arena deal. CBS13 talked with several people about the news.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I didn’t think they were going to make it. But good thing they did, because we have a home team,” said one person we talked to.

Sorry Anaheim; sorry Seattle.

“You can’t take the Kings away from Sac, man. Sac Kings, you know what I mean?” said a local resident.

It’s been a rollercoaster year for the royal faithful.

“I’m just so happy for you guys,” said radio host Carmichael Dave.

And nobody knows that more than 1140 the Fan’s Carmichael Dave.

“For the first time it looks like this is going to happen. And it’s a reality that hasn’t sunk in yet,” said Dave.

Not everyone’s on-board with the new deal. Some people are against tens of millions of dollars going toward a new arena.

“We shouldn’t be using tax dollars to subsidize rich developers, rich team owners and rich people who play in the arena,” said Jim Brown, who’s against the new arena.

But you won’t hear any complaints from Kings fans who now let out one large exhale.

“Good revenue, and it’ll be a boost to the whole area. So, I think it’s good,” said Justin Westcott, an excited Kings fan.

Comments (9)
  1. AlohaMrHand says:

    Good for Sactown.Now tell the Magoofs to quit sniffing Coke off Paris Hiltons A$$ and field a decent team!

  2. classic... says:

    another triumph of optimism over reality…the optimism is that the Kings will bring jobs and a mini renaissance to down town Sacramento. the reality is that all jobs with minor exception will be minimum wage (artificially adjusted by the city council) and there will be more covered doorways for the hobos and pigeons to live and more places for both to leave their waste by-products. congrats Sacto – you now have a high priced turd collector for the downtown…

  3. janie says:

    If I lived in Sacramento county now and this king thing happened,I would absolutly move. There is something terribly wrong with this picture.They are not paying attention to what everyone is saying.Did anyone not read the comments in Sundays Sac, bee..Does Mayor Johnson pay no mind to anyone,unless they say what he wants to hear?. Does the kings think they are too good to play at Arco? Especially during this bad economy. If you are poor, but you think you are to good to live in the house you are now in, would you insist that you are too good for that house, and go for a better house.? Do you think you deserve all the riches at this time,when everyone is suffering? They and their backers make me sick. “And mayor Johnson,” wants this to be his legend? Is he serious? Mayor Johnson,how about the homeless,the out of work,the crime,? If you worked half as much on the complete city as you do the kings,the city would be a better place to visit. From 1-10 as a mayor you are o.

  4. torabora says:

    This is proof that gubberment exists to rape the taxpayer to benefit the rich.

  5. mrmike says:

    You do know this will drive revenue in taxes that will go to Fire, police, sheriff and other services right? We’re not losing anything. Our taxes are not going up at all. We’re still paying the same for parking. There may be a surcharge on tickets to use the arena for a game, concert, or show. If you don’t want to pay then don’t buy a ticket.

    Face it. Accept it. The Kings, the NCAA, are not wanting to play in Sacramento. I don’t think they think they’re too good for Arco, but it is a business decision. There are much better venues out there for them to play at which would earn them more money.

    The NCAA used to hold their mens basketball (March Madness) regional tournaments there bringing in well over $1 million dollars into Sacramento’s economy the few days they were here. Arco ‘does not meet the NCAA standards’ so they don’t play there anymore.

    Please look at towns like Washington DC with a new baseball park, Phoenix with the arena downtown and see how the new venues improved their areas. Then tell me this is not worth it.

    The money is not going to the Kings people. It’s going to us! This is our arena. Not theirs. We’re going to reap the benefits of this, as will they. But to do so, we all have to chip in a little bit. Good thing is TAXES WILL NOT BE RAISED.

  6. disgusted1 says:

    So, really the vote of the people does not count. The impact this will bring is horrible, have you seen all the drunks after a Kings game?? Locating this downtown of course so the city of Sacramento gets all the revenue?? While us taxpayers foot the bill for all the cost and problems that follow? Disgusting Sacramento, way to NOT take care of your own. Increase in parking fees year round all over downtown (which is already unfriendly to people), forcing folks to ride light rail and the buses, the traffic is already terrible, oh my goodness, absolutely no thought to the impact to the citizens in Sacramento County. All that money for a bunch of wealthy people who do nothing or next to nothing for the people here.

  7. Victor says:

    Why all the CHEERS for the new Arena when taxpayers must pay for it and owners will benefits more in their pockets then Sacramento will ever benefit.

  8. jerseycat07503 says:

    Now maybe the Maloofs will go out and find a team that actually know how to play basketball and maybe even win now and then

  9. johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt says:

    When we have paid for our sewer system, when we have paid for our water service upgrades, when we have opened and maintained our swimming pools, then let us talk about new public exhibition halls.

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