SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A new poll finds that six out of every 10 voters in California now support allowing same-sex couples to get married, a significant increase since the state voted to ban same-sex marriage a little more than two years ago.

The Field Poll published Wednesday found that of the 515 registered voters surveyed, 59 percent said they favored extending regular marriage rights to same-sex couples. When the state’s gay marriage ban, known as Proposition 8, passed in November 2008, the figure stood at 49 percent.

According to the poll, support for legalizing same-sex marriages extends across many demographic groups and to every region of the state.

Republicans, voters who described themselves as politically conservative or Protestant, and those ages 65 and over were the only segments that did not have at least half of the respondents backing gay marriage.


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Comments (42)
  1. Rusty says:

    Look at all the haters and bigots here getting all bent out of shape over a poll! HAHHAHAHHA Get used to it, mofos!

  2. Rusty says:

    And yes…..I am a sick twisted And I’m seeking help.

  3. Fromthe westcoastto the eastcoastandeverywhereinbetween says:

    Here is the latest poll it is “The Honorable Drummond” USA wide poll, one million citizens across the USA were asked if they would vote to legalize gay marriage 87% of those polled said “NO” they would not vote to allow gays to marry in there state but they would vote to bar those in power from taking away the power of the majority of USA citizens. Gays take heed and stop attempting to destroy our values and morals.

  4. FLOP says:

    Ha ha ha…HA HA HA HAHA… You bigots and haters really give me the giggles. You see unlike homosexuality, hatred and ignorance IS a choice. And you all exert this quite well. If you are so against gay marriage, then don’t have one. And your argument of whats’s next? Marry a toaster? REALLY? And how do you equate the molestation of children to homosexuality? Do you know of any scientific fact to this??? This is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue!! Nothing more and nothing else!!!!

    1. LydiaLydia says:

      Perversion is not a civil right, it is an abomination.

      1. FLOP says:

        Oh Lydia. The same was said about inter racial marriage way back in the day. Please put the bible down for a moment and THINK for yourself!! Please ask yourslef how two people who love each other unconditionally will change the way that you live your small and insignificant life??? Or anyone for that matter?

    2. Fromthe westcoastto the eastcoastandeverywhereinbetween says:

      Ya FLOP the catholic church has been a breeding ground for perverts to sexually molest and rape children for years, many young lives destroyed emotional ly for years due to the gay pedifile infiltration into that church, now the church is being sued for millions of bucks. Gays are the haters and bigots no one I know hates gays I DON’T but will not tolerate your messing with our beliefs or our children. So just enjoy yourselves but do not try to put us in the same boat with youse gays, got it,get it?

  5. kingsfan says:

    you cannot vote away someones civil rights dummies

    1. .............. says:

      Subhumans don’t have rights.

  6. kingsfan says:

    all the last vote showed was how mormons from another state can buy election results in our failed proposition policy

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