By Frank Luna

After the dust has settled and the power brokers have taken their bows. After the fans and downtown merchants have sung the praises of a game changing deal for the city and downtown, the national media has rendered its verdict on the Kings staying put. They love it. Even leading up to this final deal, NBA analysts and former players voiced their hopes and wishes for the Kings to stay in Sacramento, not only for the sake of the league and established rivalries, but for the basketball fans in Northern California that have shown loyal and enthusiastic support for the fledgling franchise. Charles Barkley even managed a back-handed compliment to the Capital, expressing his hope that the Kings stay in Sacramento, but maybe consider moving the whole city. For the past few days I have heard nothing but congratulations and positive comments about the Kings deal from the national media. There is a genuine expression of happiness for the fans and the city rooted in the loyalty they have shown and the great atmosphere they have created in the ‘tin box’ that was ARCO Arena. It should be gratifying to all of us to hear that the country supports keeping Sacramento a ‘major league city’. This positive view is mainly because of the fans. Give Mayor Kevin Johnson his due, credit the Maloofs for stepping up, be thankful the city and county government is on board, but kudos’ to the fans for practically willing the Kings to stay.

Comments (3)
  1. kingsfan says:

    KJ never gave up, kudos to him for closing the deal. Outstanding effort

  2. Whitey says:

    I’m not really even a big Kings fan… but you non-believers have to know this brings credibility to Sacramento. Well, you’ll still complain because you’d rather sit home and cry about how bad the economy is, but maybe one day you’ll get it.

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