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Sacramento veterinarian Angie Stamm knows a lot more than how to treat a dog’s flea allergy or the steps to stitch up a wound from a cat fight. In addition to practicing traditional Western veterinary medicine. Stamm is a certified pet acupuncturist and an expert on nutrition, supplements and herbal medications for pets.

Stamm is a mobile vet who works out of small businesses that provide animal supplies and services. This makes her Meridian Veterinary Care services conveniently close almost everywhere in the area. Because she does not have to pay the overhead of maintaining her own clinic, her prices are often the most reasonable around.

Most pets hate going to the vet, especially when they are injured or sick. To help out, Stamm provides in-home veterinary care as well. Sacramento residents Bill Bonini and Kirstin DeVriend were particularly grateful for this when it became necessary for their elderly cat Cleo to be put down. Bonini said allowing Cleo to stay home until the end “alleviated a lot of stress for all of us. That was priceless.”

Follow Stamm’s five favorite tips to keeping your pet healthy

Provide plenty of clean, fresh water

As with all humans and animals, water is essential for your cat’s survival and health. Offer clean water in locations throughout the house. Stamm suggests using water that has gone through a basic kitchen water filter to avoid chlorine. Stainless steel bowls and water fountains are preferred over plastic, which can allow harmful chemicals into the water.

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Reduce or eliminate the use of dry cat food
Although kibble can seem more convenient for pet owners, it can actually lead to serious health concerns for cats and kittens. Even if your kitty drinks plenty of fresh water, dry food can leach fluid from her system, concentrating her urine. This can cause urinary tract problems, which are as painful for pets as they are for humans.

Eliminate grains from your cat’s diet
Grains are frequently added as filler to add more weight to pet food, which cats cannot digest as well. This can lead to a host of health issues including chronic diarrhea and vomiting, skin problems, itching and other digestive problems. According to Stamm, a variety of healthy, grain-free pet foods are available at Trends-n-Treats, one of the pet supply stores at which she offers veterinary services.


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Do not over-vaccinate your cat
Excessive vaccinations add unneeded chemicals into your cat’s body, and the cost of the vaccines and vet office visits can add up quickly. The FVRCP vaccine, intended to avoid several serious viral infections, is often administered annually to adult indoor cats. Stamm, however, suggests indoor cats be immunized for FVRCP no more often than every three years. Not being outdoors essentially eliminates their potential exposure to diseases carried by other cats. She recommends a once-yearly treatment of Purevax, a rabies vaccination believed to have less serious side-effects than traditional ones.

Supplement your cat’s diet with fish oil
Adding a quarter of a teaspoon of fish oil to your cat’s food each day can work wonders for its ability to avoid disease. Fish oil benefits the kidneys, heart, skin, joints and brain. Make sure the label indicates that the oil is “pharmaceutical grade” — other grades are not high enough quality and can actually cause health problems rather than prevent them. It is not necessary to buy expensive pet-specific fish oil for cats. Use the same oil found in bottles or softgels for human use.

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Valerie Heimerich is a freelance writer out of Sacramento. She typically covers animals and community issues. She has volunteered and worked for many organizations helping animals and people.
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