SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Nearly 2,000 Sacramento-area teachers are wondering if they’ll be losing their jobs this year.

The Sacramento Bee reports that pink slips due by March 15 will warn teachers and other school employees that they could be out of work by the end of the school year.

The newspaper says Sacramento City Unified board officials have voted to send notices to 700 teachers, while San Juan Unified officials have notified more than 600 employees, and Elk Grove Unified officials have sent out notices to 239 school employees.

Placer County education leaders say about 125 teachers will get preliminary layoff notices, while smaller districts, including Twin Rivers Unified, will also be sending out notices.

Last year about 2,500 Sacramento County teachers received pink slips, but most kept their jobs when the Legislature barred school districts from laying off teachers to balance their budget.

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    1. No Story - Educate Yourself - Please says:

      People…. Please educate yourselves. This is a non-story that comes out every year at this time. By Law any Teacher that may be laid off in the next fiscal year (July 1st) has to be notifed by March 15th. Schools do not know their budgets and have to send out these notices just in case the State does something crazy and reduces their budgets. No budgets have been cut in CA in the past 10 plus years. The scheduled increases have been reduced and in politician’s eyes that is a cut. In my eyes it is still an increase. So these slips go out every year at this time and most of the time nobody is laid off and most likely schools will add teachers becasue of growth and retirements. So this is just a bugus scare story by the Unions to make you feel sorry for teachers and the idiots at the Bee post it every year. If you do not beleive me check the archieves!!! People… Learn the facts and stop being so stupid!!!!

  2. lost cause says:

    Ahead of teachers and ahead of public safety! You know who to blame and what to do about it come re-election time.


    Yes its all clear to me now….. build an arena and lay off teachers. Thats just what we need. More stupid bastekball players. WAIT ! Just like mayor Kevin Johnson. I thought that a$$hole was high on education ? So what is more important ??????? Playing basketball or getting an education ? Is Sacramento ever going to wake up and get rid of that jerk and vote in someone who cares about the people ?

  4. Eric Canterbury says:

    You have to boot the teachers. If you dont, how are we going to find the idiots who will fill the seats at the Kings arena.

  5. MeeshaLin says:

    I don’t understamd how this can be possible. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t there a shortage of teachers already?
    The student to teacher ratio is too high as it is, 28 or more kids to one teacher???
    There’s been schools closed down for whatever reason and those students are attending the schools that are still open, they are way overcrowded and do not have enough teachers as it is.
    In my cholds school district they’ve gotten rid of the school bus’s which was a great thing, so not only is the school overcrowded but the traffic and wait time to drop your child off is crazy.
    This is crazy!

  6. danny says:

    The mayor isnt worried he got the arena.

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