Today on the Grant Napear Show, it was all about the Kings, the Saints’ defense using a bounty system and the newly formatted MLB postseason. Grant took calls on the Kings’ game against the Lakers, what the NFL should do to punish the Saints and Gregg Williams, as well as how people felt about the new MLB postseason. Grant interviewed Dale Kesler, Stu Lantz and Isaiah Thomas.
Dale Kesler from the Sacramento Bee discussed the term sheet for the new entertainment and sports complex in Sacramento. Dale talked about the parameters of the sheet, and exactly what they mean and what it entails for the city council vote on Tuesday.

The Lakers’ television color commentator Stu Lantz talked about the Lakers and their rivalries with the Kings and Clippers. He talked about the Kings matchups with the Lakers, and how Chauncey Billups going out hurt them, and how the addition of Chris Paul has made the Clippers relevant in Los Angeles for the first time. Stu also talked about why the Lakers and Kobe Bryant will not overlook the Kings on Friday night. They also discussed Lamar Odom and why he has struggled so mightily in the 2011-2012 season.

Kings’ rookie guard Isaiah Thomas talked about facing Chris Paul, staying humble and his success in his rookie campaign. He also talked about being a leader and shaking off a tough game to bounce back the next night, as well as his relationships with Bobby Jackson and Keith Smart. Isaiah also talked about facing the Lakers and staying healthy in the condensed season.


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