MODESTO (CBS13/AP) — Police and family members say an 18-year-old woman survived a weekend shooting at her Modesto home that killed three others.

Family members of the victims told the Modesto Bee that the pregnant teenager hid in a closet and called 911 early Saturday morning. Modesto police Lt. Rick Armendariz confirmed that a person survived the shooting and called 911 from the home but would not give any other details.

richard garcia Triple Slaying Survivor Hid In Closet, Called 911

Richard Garcia

Meanwhile, police in the nearby city of Ceres re-arrested the woman’s boyfriend, Richard Garcia, Sunday night on allegations that he held her captive and beat her in a previous incident spanning nine days.

He was back in custody Monday and a criminal complaint on the domestic violence case was written and filed against him on the same day, said Carol Shipley of the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office.

The complaint charges Garcia, who also goes by Garibay, with felony counts of assault likely to produce great bodily injury, torture, battery on a spouse or cohabitor, threating to commit a crime that would result in death or injury, and false imprisonment. The charges are enhanced because Garibay is alleged to have used a gun and knife while making the threats, and because harm was inflicted on his girlfriend, the complaint says.

His bail was set at $1.18 million.

Shipley said Garibay had posted bail immediately after his initial arrest and would have been arraigned on the charges at a later date. This time, the district attorney’s office filed immediately when Ceres police picked him up Sunday night on an outstanding warrant.

Modesto police have not said if there’s a link between the two cases, or if the boyfriend is a suspect in the killings. However, they do say they believe the suspect targeted the residents inside the Modesto home.

“This is a very complex investigation and for us to comment or speculate on specific information on this active and open case, would be irresponsible and could jeopardize the integrity of the investigation” said Lieutenant Scott Heller, who is the Investigation Services Assistant Division commander. “Our goal is clear, and that is to conduct a thorough and detailed investigation that will ultimately lead to the identity and apprehension of the suspect or suspects responsible for this horrific crime.”

The victims were identified as 31-year-old Edward Reinig, 19-year-old Alyxandria Tellez and 16-year-old David Siebels. All three were Modesto residents. The survivor was Siebels’ sister.

CBS13 talked to some people close to the situation who believe the pregnant 18-year-old was the intended target. On her Facebook page, she wrote “it just should have been me, not them.”

Also on Monday, friends of David Siebels held a car wash to raise funds for his funeral arrangements.

“I just didn’t want the tombstone to be there and not say his name or something to know that people did care about him,” said one woman at the car wash who didn’t want to give her name.

Comments (13)

    When is Modesto going to wake up and make a sweep of all these bad guys around town and just take them out to some lonley empty field and……. well …. make sure the bad guy doesn’t come back to town.

  2. useyourbrain says:

    Sad news!!!!!! I just checked the fb and they seemed to be a normal kids

    1. nina says:

      They was normal kids David was my baby brother he was a very good kid rest in paradise baby

  3. So Sad says:

    What makes this even sadder is she is pregnant by this POS!

  4. cleopatra says:

    Why did they let him out of jail?

    That poor family.

  5. RT says:

    Hell he looks guilty. I would convict him on his looks alone!

  6. .............. says:

    They only come here for a better life, Then they wipe you out!

  7. joey says:

    pregnant teenager +Latino = anchor baby= lots of taxpayers money!

  8. denima says:

    Someone posted “why did they let him out of jail”. My question is, how did this violent person come up with the bail money? I thought you would have to come up with at least 10%…and that would be over $100,000. She feel in awe with this loser and now her brother and among others have lost their lives because he may have allegedly had something to do with it. Oh my. This is very sad. The news in every city, in every state is extremely sad.

  9. Mary Walters says:

    This degenerate should never have been able to walk free after kidnapping and torturing this young woman. Clearly this man was the worst kind of criminal to harm this young girl, almost a child, in the way he did. How is it that he was walking free when these murders took place? I think much more has to be done to keep this kind of violant criminal behing bars, and away from the public. My prayers go out to the families of these innocent victoms of this horrific crime. These murderers deserve to die.

  10. MAC49 says:

    They definenately deserve to die but not in good ole liberal California, we will feed them and take care of them, reek havoc in the penal system, let them out to terrorize the public. Then they will just repeat the same old routine again and a again. It just doesn’t make any sense. When is society going to get tired of this, it will only get worse, because these fine people reproduce and raise more brilliant disgusting lowlifes, and the next generation will do the same. What will it ever take to change the system, and bring back civility to this country.

  11. Indie says:

    Rest in Peace Aly & EJ. ❤

  12. inumaru667 says:

    what i wanna know is what are they doing to catch the murderer of my oldest dearest friend Alyx? all you hear about is the surviver, she is safe thats good but its ben over a week and jack squat iswhat has turned up and this frustrates me more than anything.

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