SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Convicted killer Wesley Shermantine has sent another letter to CBS13 from death row and this time he’s saying even more.

Once again, the letter was addressed to CBS13’s Koula Gianulias. In it, Shermantine talks about a range topics including his childhood and family, how he gets on with the other inmates in San Quentin, and what he wants his legacy to be.

He also names a third possible killer.

Shermantine, one of the so-called “Speed Freak Killers,” is currently on death row in San Quentin for killing four people in a spree that lasted from 1984 to 1999. However, officials believe he and Loren Herzog are responsible for many more deaths.

In his new letter, Shermantine says Herzog and the third man, which CBS13 is not naming, commited more than 70 murders. “Multiple 24×3. This is what I was told by Herzog. Take your top three serial killers. Herzog will top that,” Shermantine writes.

Shermantine mentions Joann Hopson, who went missing from Stockton in 1985, and says her remains can be found in a second well investigators have yet to find. He writes that he met with Hopson’s mother recently and that she “knows I did not kill her daughter.”

The letter was also very critical of local bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, who had promised to Shermantine $33,000 for information on the victims. As in his first letter, Shermantine says he hasn’t received a dime and doesn’t expect to be paid.

Padilla says he tried to mail Shermantine a check and it was sent back. He said he then tried to use the prison currency system to pay Shermantine and doesn’t know why he hasn’t received it.

Retired FBI Agent Jeff Rinek, who has spoken with Shermantine in prison, says he’s sure Shermantine is motivated by money from Padilla but that he also may be coming to terms with his life.

“Everything he says in my opinion is his attempt to get us to take him seriously and he wants to be talked to,” Rinek said.

Shermantine writes in the letter that he wants to get everything in his life down on paper and that he’s famous “for all the wrong reasons.”

Rinek, for one, says he’s willing to listen again to whatever Shermantine has to say.

“I also think it was an attempt to get attention to say ‘I’m here, I’m willing, you guys have wanted to get this for 20 years,” Rinek said of the latest letter. “‘I’m ready to give it to you. Let’s go.'”

Comments (26)
  1. Meems says:

    Why are we giving this killer all this publicity? Don’t you think it’s hurtful to all the victim’s families?

    1. NewsWatcher says:

      You mean the victims that have been begging for the locations of remains for 20+ years and can now bury their loved ones?


      1. Meems says:

        We need to give the victims the publicity not the one who made them wonder where there loved ones were. You make it seem like he did them some big favor. What is wrong with you???

  2. WisenCynical says:

    Awww his parents must be so proud. He writes a letter and these dirt merchants tell everyone! [coughing: Koula Gianulias!!] I don’t want to kill people and then hold their burial location hostage.. so I have no chance. Sorry, Mom!

  3. stan atkinson says:

    He’s writing about getting it on with other inmates?

  4. stan atkinson says:

    Legacy? How ’bout plowin’ dirt?! Hmmmmmmm?!

  5. nothingchanges says:

    Why is this P.O.S. still breathing ?

  6. knowit says:

    I agree each letter broadcasted keeps him in the lime light which he doesn’t deserve!

  7. Wesley Bates says:

    This piece of human trash continues to live because that is what the lberals in this country want. They don’t want him to be held accountable for anything. They prefer to blame you, I and everyone else for what he did because he didn’t get a free ride through life on the working peoples backs. The liberal way has and will always be to get everything they want at the expense of we the people. Cause stone cold sezzzzzzz sooooooo. SC>

    1. steve says:

      You’re an idiot

  8. 95236 says:

    Link to the new letter like you said was already posted at 5:00?

  9. pshaw! says:

    Ummm…everything else aside, Padilla knows the law. He is been in the business a long time. He knows prisoners can only get money orders or money put on their books through the system with a CC or in person at the prison itself.. From which then prison deducts 55 percent to pay any restitution owed.
    Sounds like Padilla made a promise and didn’t keep it.
    Do I agree with that promise in the first place? No, but I understand why he did it. But I don’t feel he followed through. Makes me wonder what else in his business he hasn’t followed though on.

  10. 95236 says:

    Please put a link to the letter already geez

  11. TC says:

    Look he is solving a lot of unsolved murders in our area. As long as he is talking and giving up these crimes, that is good. How can these guys murder all these people and our local law enforcement could not solve any of these crimes?

    1. 95236 says:

      also check this out the suspect shermintine names was best friends with herzog (herzogs wifes FB page expand first comment on her wall and jason jones is telling people to
      “watch there backs”

      1. zign says:

        Wow, I just so the comments on Herzog’s wife’s facebook page…a bunch of ghetto people (apparently) justify the murders and glorify and defend the murderer/rapist and a serial killer. These people all live around Central Valley… ahaha, what a *** pit, I don’t even like to drive through these areas, as they’re full of mutants who’re overdosed on pesticides. That woman is disgusting, keeps defending her serial killer hubby and the THREATENS people on her facebook page–I think police should look into her as she could have been an accomplice to these murders… Who knows, may be Christina (Sugar) Herzog helped to lure victims…. as she’s a woman. Something for the cops to look into I think. The callousness and cruelty of these people (Herzog defenders) is appalling, but ones like that always get what’s coming for them.

      2. zign says:

        Notice how that thug “Jason Jones” makes actual threats on violence on Christina Herzog’s facebook–someone should call the cops I think. May be he’s the 3rd man?

  12. Whitey says:

    Wesley, has it occurred to you this country might be less divided if we quit referring to each other as liberals or conservatives? Does pointing that finger make you feel better? Should we just make people put on their D or R shirts in the morning so we can all know what we’re dealing with? I guess that would sure make things easier… might as well remove all independant thinking. We could just have Rush tell all the conservatives what to think and everyone else can just do the exact opposite.

    I find it ironic that you don’t want, as a republican, the government making all your decisions for you… let you find comfort in making decisions about peoples wants and desires based on how they register as a voter.

  13. 95215 says:

    Wes, why can’t you just own up to the things you did…it’s always someone else’s fault and always has been your whole life, too darn bad that no matter how many lies you tell, no matter how many innocent people you want to try and “name” as “accomplices” so you can ruin and destroy more lives from death row, there are those of us who are from here, who lived here our whole lives, that know exactly who and what you are, what you have done, and know the truth. Any outsiders who want to read your wretched deceitful words and believe your lies, well, that is up to them, but there are those of us who know the truth,and when you face your maker, guess what, He knows too. Your mama and daddy aren’t here to cover your ass anymore Wes, to make excuses for your lifelong behavior of enjoying bullying and torturing and (eventually)killing those weaker and smaller than you that those who knew and hated you witnessed firsthand…and now your biggest patsy took himself out of the game, so quit trying to find another amoungst those who knew and despised you in some twisted revenge scheme, own up to the psychotic sociopath you are and face your truths. Yeah I hope you read this, so that you know, there are those of us out here who know the truth no matter how many lies you tell, that you know that we know, what evil sick twisted excuse for a human being you are, have always been, and there is nothing you can do about it, and I hope it eats away at you. Anyone who believes a word you say is a fool.

    1. zign says:

      “Patsy”? So, the poor thing Herzog was just watching and jerking off to the sight of murders and rapes, multiple times? Oh poor thing….GOOD he’s dead and burning in Hell, that demon Herzog. Now only one iis left.

  14. WisenCynical says:

    OMG.. I read this garbage too long.. now Im craving reality TV! Face it peeps, this diatribe wets your whistle where you song resonates with freakish sounds of the train wreck.. Kinda like driving towards the warning sign just to see if someone died. It is in your human nature to crave this kind of thing. Enjoy it! This is what it means to be alive!

  15. steven spilberg says:

    First the book then the movie even ray charles can see this one coming

  16. zign says:

    When I was younger–back where I grew up, far away–I remember seeing a public execution–a rapist/murderer got burned alive, and, as he burned (was finishing to burn, so to speak), the victim’s family was kicking him on the ground. I remember it all clearly, though it was so many years ago. This is what should happen to these people. Not the fake “justice” where they get money and write books, mocking everyone.

  17. sunnyside says:

    This keeps getting worse every day. In 1979 my friends beautiful 19 year old sister disappeared one Sat. never to be seen again this was in Stockton, she had sponcers who were going to see her be a Miss Calif. contestant, first year University of the Pacific student. She had gone to Angels camp to see friends but never got there. We never saw her again the family was devestated.

  18. sunnyside says:

    95236 very interesting post number one did not read anything threatening on the face book links you provided pretty boring posts by very few, number two why are you telling everyone that if they believe anything WES says are fools, does he know something that might envolve “YOU”so you want us all to know that we cannot believe anything he says, number two none of the victims would have been found if he did not tell the truth. We all know he is an insane pyhco but you state that you have known all about his evil deeds for decades, how do “YOU” know the truth were you with them when they did these horrid deeds? I think the police should investigate “YOU”, thanks for a very enlightening post. Tell us more

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