Historic day for Sacramento, and The Grant Napear show is live from City Hall as the City Council is meeting to vote on the arena proposal that will keep the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento for the next 30 years.

“The most historic day in Sacramento history, what happens here today will propel this city in a direction that they could never dream of.” Grant said while sharing his thoughts on the City Council vote.

First on the show Chris Lahane, Executive director of Think Big joins the show to share his thoughts on what is sure to be a historic night for not only the Sacramento Kings but the city of Sacramento as well. When asked about what he will think 10 years from now Chris said, “I have been all around, and 27 of the 30 NBA teams have moved to downtown markets because it really revitalizes the city.” He went on to say, “People are going to come in and spend the day in Sacramento, spend money in the restaurants, and change the way Sacramento works. This is a big city with small town values. This city is not only thinking big but acting big. This is the biggest night in Sacramento history.”

Next on the show Senator Darrell Steinberg joins the show to share his view on possibly the most important night in Sacramento history. When asked if he ever thought that this day would ever come, Senator Steinberg said, “I had my doubts but I thought this day would come.” Commenting on the placement of the arena Senator Steinberg said, “I think the downtown area is the hub of the city, not only that but the hub of the region.” Senator Steinberg feels that the turning point in this developing story was a year ago when the city almost lost something that it loves. At that point everyone got motivated. He went on to say. “I give the Mayor a lot of credit.”

Ryan Lillis of the Sacramento Bee is the next on the show to continue talking about what has to be the only thing to talk about today in Sacramento. “We are past the symbolic votes, all we need is 5 and it will be a good day.” Lillis said when asked how he thinks the Council vote will go later on tonight. In response to what the scene will be if and when the proposal passes Lillis said, “It will look like a King’s game. It is a historic night for Sacramento.”

Last on the show head coach of the Sacramento Kings, Keith Smart joins to talk about last night’s heart breaking overtime lose to Denver, and what he expects from his team during a franchise record 9 game home stand starting on Wednesday. First talking about last night’s game coach Smart said, “There were a lot of positives from last night. To be able to stay with a team like Denver all the way through the game, there are nothing but positives.”

Next speaking about John Salmons and the new role that he is playing on the team as he comes off the bench while Isaiah Thomas has assumed the starting role, coach Smart said, “John did not have a bad attitude about coming off the bench. It worked out perfectly.”

“It gives us freedom to practice longer then we could on the road. I will use the time to continue developing this team.” Coach Smart said in response to the upcoming home stand.


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