By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Last name: Ever, First name: Greatest.

Those lyrics were made famous by rap star Drake, and the man himself made an appearance at Power Balance Pavilion on Friday night. Not to perform, but as a fan.

“I came here to see DeMarcus Cousins,” Drake told CBS13 during the Sacramento Kings’ 110-97 win over defending NBA champion Dallas Mavericks. “I came here to see my brother from Kentucky. That’s my dog.”

Drake, an international hip hop star, came to see his buddy, one of the cornerstones of the Kings in just his second season after one year at Kentucky.

Drake said he’s also heard about plans for the Kings’ new arena. “That’s exciting man. I think that’s a great thing. You guys deserve it.”

Cousins and Tyreke Evans may be the cornerstones of the Kings’ franchise right now. But who will the Kings keep for their new arena opening in 2015?

Sports illustrated.con’s Sam Amick says Cousins is here to stay.

“DeMarcus Cousins without question has become the centerpiece of the franchise,” said Amick, who used to cover the Kings for the Sacramento Bee. “Things have changed in the last year.”

Amick says Tyreke Evans’ future as a Kings is more unclear.

“With Tyreke, the thing to watch is he’s eligible for an extension this summer,” he said. “I just predict they’re not going to have any kind of agreement.”

Fans seem to be centering in on Cousins too despite his off-the-court issues.

“You gotta build it around DeMarcus,” one fan said.

He’s apparently already in tight with celebrities to bring to the new building.

Comments (10)
  1. .............. says:

    And why is this news? who really cares about a rapper ?

    1. swim says:

      They are trying to drum up some support for bankrupting the city with the new area plans. Just desperation.

    2. rick says:

      thats a fact Why do we see this she-it everyday who cares?

  2. elliott the Cat says:

    Drake & De-Marcus, 2 reasons not to support the QUEENS !

    Wow what losers !

    Cant wait to move out of Sacramento !

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