SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A California assemblyman is no longer seeking the removal of the state’s Fish and Game Commission president over his killing of a mountain lion in Idaho.

Assemblyman Ben Hueso — a Democrat from San Diego — said in a letter on Friday that he will instead work on creating legislation that would revise the conflict-of-interest code for Fish and Game commissioners and make other changes to the commission’s standards and practices. The letter was sent to Gov. Jerry Brown and was also signed by Speaker of the Assembly John Perez.

Hueso had drafted a resolution to oust Fish and Game Commission President Dan Richards.

Richards has come under heavy criticism over the mountain lion shooting. Mountain lion hunting is legal in Idaho, but banned in California.

Richards has refused calls to step down.

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Comments (6)
  1. defendyourrights says:

    Richards should sue Hueso for violating his rights as an American citizen do do any thing (legal) on his own time. God help any one of us if Hueso can take away a persons rights no matter what he/she does on his/her own time. This is one of the worst legitating nonsence in decades. How dare anyone in government try to pull some thing like this, this is one for the books. Remember this at election time, get rid of Hueso and Perez, such arrogance to attempt to take away freedom of chose. We need change that will save this state not Mountain Lions in another state. Now if I have misunderstood what Hueso is trying to do I apologize. Just do not try to take away hunting rights in this country.

    1. stupidisstupiddoes says:

      Is “legitating” a word in English? Way to come out rushing like a cougar only to back off like a kitten. I guess you have the freedom to make a complete ass of yourself in public.

      1. stupidisstupiddoes says:

        PS: Richards needs to go!

        PPS: I bet Hueso and Perez could teach you to write in English if you were really interested in learning…maybe you could learn Spanish too while you are at it!

  2. rickey l coash says:

    what about the US VS Japan over Tsunami debris and why is he hunting and he should have a state tag no tag = fine and jail and what is the GOV waiting on
    april 9 9 days into this years abb season

  3. Cindy Wade says:

    Huge disappointment, this coward has no business in this postion, this cannot be the final word. Ca deserved better, Richards is failure, dont let him have the upperhand, for wildlifes sake!

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